Sunday, January 20, 2019


I love these tiny houses. The proper name for them over at Retro Cafe Art Gallery is the ATC COTTAGE HOUSE KIT. There are three different kits.
They are super cute and have a variety of uses. The roof lifts off and inside you can store a lot of ATC Coins or ATC Cards, as well as in the fenced area. 
The Cottage is a great place to hold markers too. Something I really love is that it makes a really creative holder for business cards, especially if you attend shows or just to have on hand.
The square cards from fit perfectly in the fenced area and inside the Cottage for extra's when you run out.

I had the best time designing my Tiny Cottage. I pretty much used all scraps from left over projects. Your house can be as simple or as creative as you want it to be. I chose to do a little creating inside as well because after all, that is  where the story begins. 

I hope you will hop on over to Retro Cafe and check out this ATC Cottage and the other two as well, there is also a lot of NEW really cool stuff in the shop recently added.

Hint: Don't forget Valentines Day... this would make a darling Valentines Day Cottage for someone special and there is a house with a heart window! ( I might even store a little chocolate in there too!)

Saturday, January 5, 2019


I had been working off and on a series of 6 - "Faces of Mary" Original Mixed Media Art Paintings in 2018 and I made it my goal to get them finished before the end of the year. I finished #6 on 12/31/2018 - a feat I am rather proud of since I am a bit of a procrastinator. I finally got them listed in my Etsy shop today and wanted to share them here on my blog.

#1 is a 12" x 36" gallery wrapped heavy duty canvas with 1.5" Stone Gray painted sides: 
                        LIVE YOUR BEAUTIFUL LIFE

#2 is a 16" Round wrapped canvas with .5" sides
                           IF NOT US, THEN WHO?

#3 is a 12" x 24" Birch Wood Cradle Panel with 1.5"sides

#4 is a 16" Round wrapped canvas with .5" sides

 #5 is a 12"x18" Birch Wood Cradle Panel with 1.5" sides painted blue.
                       JOY COMES IN THE MORNING

#6 is a 12" x 36" Gallery wrapped heavy duty duck canvas with 1.5" sides painted Stone Gray

 I am now starting the new year with new blank canvas. I hope you are starting the new year with new blank canvas of your own and may it be one filled with new journey's, discoveries, peace, love, joy, health and happiness for the New Year ahead!

Monday, December 10, 2018


Every story has a beginning and an end and every story has the possibility of change. This story began with a 12" x 36" stretched canvas on a wood frame and three stencils from StencilGirl Products. 

                                                            The beginning

                                            I  love this stencil by Carolyn Dube,
                                    "Words to Live By"
               It was the perfect choice for the top of my painting.
                      Here she is still becoming.
 Her Heart is a  stencil called "Love Collage" by Traci Bautista. I knew this be a perfect fit. It is also one of  my favorites. Clicking on the link will take you right to it at StencilGirl where you can see more of the actual stencil.

Right away, I can see she was going to need something to 
frame her face, so I added a bit of lace and butterflies.

I actually really loved the black robe (in the 4th photo) but I wanted her to look like she was wearing some beautiful fabrics, possibly made from tapestries that would compliment the added lace around her face.

The stencil at the bottom says: "Live Your Beautiful Life". This stencil is by Maria McGuire from her Brave Girl Collection. One of my favorite things to do is to make Cyanotype prints. I use these often in my art.
Next, I added a Halo and some gold illuminations above her head.

 I am very happy with my finished piece. There were certainly a lot of changes along the way and there was fear and anticipation. I have learned to "Not" be just satisfied with what is, but to listen to my heart that says, "go further, you can do more". I am being open to taking more risks with my art and in life, and to answering the voices of challenge. In doing so, I learned that the reward is outside your comfort zone.
Thank you for being here. If you visited, please leave a comment, I would love to know that you were here. 
Be Open, Answer the Calling of Your Heart and Live Your 
Beautiful Life!