Wednesday, August 15, 2018

TEA and ME

In July, I had the really good fortune of having my Aroma-Tea Bags published in the recent issue of Somerset Studio Magazine July/August 2018.
  And if that wasn't enough of a good fortune, they were also chosen for the cover. I was over the moon thrilled. This past week, they were returned to me and as promised, I listed them in my Etsy shop. I call them Aroma-Tea bags because they are each filled with organic herbs and dried flowers, something of a love I inherited from my grandmother.

 They make the most wonderful, little artful bowls and baskets of inspiration,leaving a calming, sweet fragrance where ever they land.
 I also  made a TEA BOX CADDY for storage of your tea bags and if you don't actually drink tea, it would make a wonderful box for brushes, pens and art supplies.It is also listed in  my Shop.

 I only have a small amount left in my shop and for those that purchase the special price pack of 5 or 8, I am also sending a bag of extra scented herbs and flowers along with them. The season is about over for the flowers and I love to share these before their scents begin to fade, at which time I will start all over again next year. Tea Bags are the most resilient little things and there is so much you can do with them even after you have enjoyed their fruits!

Enjoy some tea today .... and tomorrow create some arty tea bag adventures! 

Happy Creating,

Saturday, August 11, 2018


Today is World Elephant day so I wanted to post some news about these beloved gentle giants and how fortunate we are that they still roam our earth. Put an Elephant in your heart today.


Myanmar’s wild-captured elephants exhibited median lifespan three to seven years shorter than that of captive-born creatures
Today, one third of the world’s Asian elephants—numbering roughly 15,000—live in captivity. Some are housed in zoos or research facilities, while others are held by private owners. The largest population of these creatures, however, exists in Myanmar, where roughly 5,000 elephants form the backbone of the country’s timber logging industry.
Myanmar’s captive-born and wild-captured timber elephants live side-by-side, working by day and scavenging for food by night. Both are tamed and trained prior to entering the workforce, and both are subject to government regulations regarding workload and rest periods—including holidays, maternity leave and a mandatory retirement age. Still, a new study published in Nature Communications suggests that the two groups face vastly different risks, with wild-captured elephants exhibiting higher mortality rates than those bred in captivity.
I adopted TARRA from the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, providing Sanctuary for more than 20 years.
I have a link on my blog at the top that says:
 "buy me a watermelon"  ~That is Tarra's and many of
the elephant's favor treats. All funds go directly to the 
Sanctuary to help provide food and care for all the elephants
 that the staff there are so dedicated too.

Love an Elephant today!

Monday, July 23, 2018


I've been so busy lately, I am just getting around to posting some of the things I have been working on.

I acquired this handmade, rather long.. bread bowl years ago and never really used it. After seeing some of Maria Pace Wynter's Koi fish, I knew exactly what I was going to do with. Now, it makes a faux lovely Koi Pond and fabulous table center piece. 

The other project I finished was a Cage Doll using the Mini Santos in the Relics and Artifacts Collection from Sandra Evertson. I attached her to a wire bell cage and used apoxie sculpt to put her body and wings together and make her as one with the wire Cage. She is rather an artsy Cage Doll but I really like how she turned out. Her crown is a Mexican Centavos and the base of her cage is one of the vintage clock faces from some of the vintage clocks that I took apart to use for other projects.

I am honored to say she is already sold. I do have my latest shrine just listed today in my Etsy shop. So, I hope Summer is being good to you and you are finding some time to create and enjoy some things that you love!

Stay cool and Happy Creating.


You may have seen my earlier post where I used some Vintage clock bases to make "Fortune Tellers". Today I am posting the last of my vintage clock cases. This one has been repurposed into a Healing Shrine. If you are lucky enough to find some of the very old ornate ones, they make the perfect foundation for any type of shrine. I think it may be time for me to go treasure hunting again! 

 The quote inside reads: "Gracious words are like Honeycomb, sweet to the Soul and healing to the Bones."

 Lotsa layers of paint, sanding and scraping.........
 Religious images all from Retro Cafe Art Galley
 So many reasons not to throw away your lovely scraps of paper

Happy Creating!

Sunday, July 15, 2018


Things are moving fast over there! I am so sad that I missed out on the face stamps that are now SOLD OUT, but I was really happy to get some ART POP Stickers! This is what I did with some of mine. I had three mini wee journals 2" in size and the Art Pop stickers were perfect for the covers. I added  bits of paint and other details. The butterfly and pops of material came from Gwen LaFleur's shop. You will also go crazy in there as well. It was a fun day playing with these gals in the studio! You better POP over to Paperbags Studio soon before everything is sold out... and check out Gwen LaFleur's shop too!

Happy Creating!

Monday, June 25, 2018


I am a huge supporter of Animal Rights, every life is important and worth saving. I fell in love with Tarra and chose to adopt her and to help to support the life she deserves to live along with her other friends at the Elephant Sanctuary. My support is small in comparison to what an elephant needs on a daily basis. One elephant eats about 150 lbs. of food a day.The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee is an amazing place. Tarra was the first Elephant to arrive there. She was born in Burma (now Myanmar) in 1974. When she was six months old, she was brought to the United States in a wooden crate via cargo plane. She was sold to a tire salesman in Southern California who kept her in a delivery truck. Shortly after Tarra’s arrival in the US, the Asian elephant was declared an endangered species, and all future importation of Asian elephants into America was halted. 
At two years old, Tarra was purchased by Carol Buckley. She was trained to perform, give rides and became know for roller skating and painting. Carol and Tarra traveled working in circuses, amusement parks, zoos, on TV and in movies for the next two decades.  In 1995, Carol Buckley partnered with Scott Blais to found The Elephant Sanctuary and Tarra  became the first resident.
In retirement, Tarra made new fans. The story and videos of her unlikely friendship with a stray dog named Bella at The Sanctuary was viewed all over the world. The duo were near-constant companions for eight years before Bella’s passing in 2011. 
Tarra has been at The Elephant Sanctuary for 21 years. She has welcomed many of the newly retired elephants, trumpeting and spinning excitedly as the transport trailer arrived at the barn with a new resident. Caregivers refer to Tarra as a social butterfly—an elephant that seeks out all the other elephants in the Asia habitat for visits and companionship. Although Tarra is most often seen with Shirley and Misty before her passing, she frequently spends time with Sissy and Winkie. It is common for Tarra to walk miles on any given day to visit other elephants or to explore on her own. Elecams have often recorded Tarra wading in the lake, sometimes stirring the water with one of many sticks that she carries with her during her travels. 
  At 41 years old, Tarra is one of the youngest Asian elephants at The Sanctuary. She has been at The Elephant Sanctuary over half of her life.  Her favorite food is watermelon!
Can you imagine a grocery bill that looks like this: 
 9 truckloads of hay (5,624 bales to be exact), 2,100 pounds of peanut butter, 1,500 crates of fresh fruits and vegetables,supplements and vitamin E, and that goes up everytime a new elephant arrives.

 In the right top corner of my blog is a button that says, "Buy Me A Watermelon". That is Tarra's favorite treat. Any "watermelon" purchased there goes directly to Tarra and her friends at the sanctuary once a month. You can also view them on the EleCam. Thank you for helping to preserve our planet, one elephant at a time.
This is where you can meet:
and Tarra 

We owe these magnificent animals a life of protection and love.
Much Love,

Thursday, June 21, 2018


Summer where I live has made her entrance with the normal hot and humid days for Central Arkansas this time of year. I've had the good fortune of starting off my Summer with being published in two of my favorite Magazines by Stampington and Company. I love the variety of days that Summer brings, random rain and thunder storms, (good for art days), picnics, park days, pool days, shopping sale days, 4th of July cook outs, gardening days, vacation days and just days to re-organize, maybe re-paint, alter some furniture and some days to just relax and do nothing but enjoy a day of gratitude for simply being here surrounded by so many blessings!

 I created these little sachets from Tea Bags using bits of paper, scraps, rubber stamps, ribbons, images, fabric, flowers, whatever I had in my stash. Each of them are filled with dried flowers and herbs for some sweet smelling goodness and then sewed across the top to close.
They make wonderful additions to any room, closets, drawers, and really nice to insert in gift bags for special occasions and cards to friends who might need a little lifting up!

 This little Journal was also handmade using dried tea bags for the book and pages. The technique and how to make one of your own  as well as the tea bag sachets can be found in the newest issue of Somerset Studio July/August 2018 publication.

                                                                       July/ August 2018
       My page on lettering in the new issue of Art Journaling

Many Thanks to Christen Hammons, editor of Somerset Studio and her amazing staff for my two articles in the new issue of SOMERSET STUDIO July/August and also the honor of being this issue's Cover Girl which was a big surprise! I also had the honor of one of my journal pages being published in the "Written Word" section of the new issue of ART JOURNALING Magazine. Both issues are always packed with amazing works by some very creative and talented artists!
Be sure to pick up one or both of these issues for some great reading (nice summer hammock or poolside days) and creative inspiration for a Summer Art Days of your own!
Happy Summer and Happy Creating and stay cool!