Monday, February 22, 2010


Webster Dictionary defines AAH as expressions of surprise and joy. I know we have all had "AAH MOMENTS" and probably can recall each of them fondly. This weekend I had an "AAH MOMENT" as I was taking some much needed "ME" time and browsing through all the awesome blogs that I have not yet had the time to properly delve into and enjoy. I make a point to read all the blogs and view all the art works of "Friends" that follow me and then I also have huge list of blogs that are on my "coffee and me time" that I can't wait to look at and have only yet scanned most of them. Saturday morning I went to Hillcrest Cottage, my new blogging friend and I was enjoying her post about supporting etsy artists. She even had a handmade button there to click on that featured an item from one of the etsy shops.
I clicked on the button and there was my "AAH" MOMENT. I was truly surprised to see my item there and joyful that she chose to feature one of my Art Domino Desk Sets! It was so much fun and I appreciated it so much that she now has inspired me to feature AAH MOMENTS on my blog. From here on out every Monday for SURE and maybe even more often when ever the moment strikes me and I just can't wait until Monday, I will feature on my blog a handmade creation from an Artist that follows my blog. Be sure to check out Hillcrest Cottage on etsy and her will find her under my list of inspiration and good reads.

You also should check out this amazing artist and fellow blogger...CUTE N COOL BLOG STUFF by ITKupilli also listed under my angels. She is a finnish artist and designer and has some great things to offer many of them are free..such as the picture here and the Angel picture..thanks ITKupilli!

Visit anytime, I love comments and be sure and check back on Mondays to see more
AAH MOMENTS... inspiration sent to me by way of Hillcrest Cottage! Support is good!

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  1. Love ITKupilli's work...she has such a great assortment of cool blog layouts. Every so often I like to change mine up. Your blog looks adorable. I really like your background! I'll be sure to come back and visit.


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