Friday, February 12, 2010


I am in desperate need of it....
I decided to blog so I can work at my day job. I wasn't sure at first why people blogged.
It takes time to blog and I am very coveting of my time. Then it came to me, if I blog,
I can store all the things that clutter my altered mind and focus on the day job that actually
supports me. And when the day is done, mine begins...I get to do what I love.

I love art
I love creating
I love altered art
I love Girl stuff and I think I am going to love

There is some truth in the phrase "starving artist". When I was younger, I wondered why the artist who didn't make a dime, did it. After all, my art was going to make me rich and famous.
Now in my somewhat wiser years, the answer is very clear... there is no greater satisfaction
than doing what you or no pay.

Bottom line... blogging is new to me, I will share all, I will try not to offend you, if you don't like what I do...just don't look, I will still be here....I am a work in progress


  1. Welcome to the Blog World! Nice meeting you and thank you for following *smiles*

  2. You go girl! I am with you when it comes to art! I hope you love blogging. There is a lot of creativity out there. Come play. Thanks for following my blog and I am now following you.

  3. Thank you for the welcome. I could just copy and past your "about me" and just leave out the transplant part and add that I would love to be living in southern california. We visited Laguna Beach in 2008 and I can still smell the air! You are truly a kindred spirit!

    Have a wonderful week!

  4. Thank you Diana, I hope you will invite me to make smores and drink wine ....sounds so devine. I can already picture the villa,and George Clooney, well who needs a description. I will call you to play one day!


  5. I love your Lucy photo :) Happy to meet you here!

  6. Thanks Stephanie, I love your web page! I look forward seeing more of your world.


  7. welcome to this strange world where you find yourself talking to the air & wondering if it's landing on any!!! i think you'll like it here. thanks for visiting me, come back by anytime! pat

  8. Welcome to Bog World!!!

    I get asked a lot, "Why do you blog?"
    My answer is simple, "because writers have to write." The end.
    It's like you said about all that stuff running around in your head and you feel the need to get it out so you can move on..ha...I understand!


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