Friday, February 19, 2010


...Because it sure felt like a Monday this morning. I am usually all about Fridays and who isn't? After all, Friday brings the knowledge that the next two days are free. You are off work - even though you are not know what I mean. It depends on what hat you wear. I won't go there, we all have hats to wear and crosses to bear, but none the less, Friday's give bring us some choices to make.

I got up late this morning, again. I am having trouble these days getting it all together. My fear? I have become a "slacker" for lack of a better word. I usually have that problem on Monday's, but NEVER on a Friday. This morning I even resorted to "whining" with that poor me record playing in my head. It took me two hours to get over my bad start this morning. I went over it in my head to think about the things I need to change, because really who wants to be a slacker and a whiner?. I decided to just "chuck it aside" and say "What the Hell". Someone much wiser that me said,quote:
"Have you ever noticed that "What the Hell" is always the right decision"?
It is pretty much saying to me, bring it on, I can take it. It's throwing away any reservations and fears that you have in your life and going for it..full steam ahead.
After all, One Life..One Journey..One Day..One Minute...we own none of it. Each day is a gift. So Why do I want to waste it?

I heard a bird singing outside my window..things are looking up.
Now it is beginning to look like FRIDAY!

Happy Fridays Everyday!
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  1. Yes, indeed-today is a gift- why would I want to waste it!!!??? Good stuff and I needed to hear, well read that, today!
    Happy Friday to you too! :)

  2. Happy Friday to you too :) I wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog - and congrats for entering the world of blogging! Keep it up, you're doing a good job! And I had one of those days too - you'll hear about it soon! Way to go for keeping a good attitude! :)


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