Monday, February 15, 2010


This past weekend I spent quite a bit of time looking at the blog yellow pages. There are blogs out there for just about everything. I have to admit that although not all of them knocked my socks off, the larger majority of the handmade and artsy sites drew me in and I wanted more! I "diddled" away the afternoon just reading one blog after another. I am not a "diddler" either. I must fill my time with something. Time is way to valuable to waste. However, I have what I think must be "blog block". I have heard from several people, "when are you going to do your blog"? I LOVED reading the blogs, but somehow the idea of "ME" blogging was starting to feel like a commitment.. and I wasn't sure I wanted to add to my already "C" stack and urgent file (and you know where that file is).

I am pretty much an all or nothing person. It is pretty hard for me to let things "simmer" until I get back to it. My husband who puts up with my craziness has it figured out. He said that women have to say at least 500 thousand words a day more than men. It's scientific, he read it somewhere. His theory is that you can't do that in your Etsy shop, so we blog to get all those words out that we didn't get to say at the end of the day! I am guessing he wants me to say all those words that he is not all that interested in to someone else! Normally, that would make me mad, but maybe he has a very small point here. There are things that I would like to say and share that probably does not interest my husband that much, or my co-workers, some of my family,my non-artsy friends,the librarian, the checker at krogers..well you get it. So maybe blogging will be a good thing for me and in fact I have something I want to share with you today!

My friends have said, "your house must be awesome with all your art stuff". Actually, no. There is no art stuff in my house that is MINE. Everything I make, I sell or give away. I rarely make something of mine for me. All the joy comes in making it and giving it away or knowing someone else loved it as much as me to actually buy it! I don't have alot of other people's art in my house either because if I buy it, it is generally for someone else. I REALLY LOVE & APPRECIATE the things that I can't and don't do.

Take these plates for instance. These are artsy,colorful,awesome...and GONE! You better hurry if you see something you like. I just went to get the website and the Alice in Wonderland Plates are already gone.

I LOVE, LOVE art plates - that you can use. If I am going to eat, I want to be inspired by my food and my plate!

Check out this site.
Etsy Shop is: Amongst Lovely Things

This art will make you smile ...every day!

Wow and this is my second blog post!


  1. I don't want you to think I'm a stalker or anything, but I just had to comment on this post too. I got paid to be an artist for 17 years and people would say the same thing to me: your house must be full of art. Uh no. Sadly no. It all went out the door. What is wrong with this picture?

    I really want to change that. I did have a picture I painted hanging in my hall and my daughter has bugged me for years for it. She is getting married, so I took it down, wiped off all the dirt across the top that hasn't seen a dust cloth since it got hung on the nail and wrapped it up for her wedding shower. Sigh.

    I needed to be reminded to paint something just for me. Thanks.

  2. Come and play anytime. I LOVE COMMENTS! I think it is human nature to be a little too critical of the things we make for ourselves. I never place much value on the things I do,as long as I am happy with it, that's all that matters to me.
    The things that are hard for me (Like sewing and hand stitching - I have no patience for) if I were to ever to complete anything a quilt that might come easy for someone else, it would be worth a million dollars to me! ha
    A nice little reminder that we all have special gifts. I try to recognize and appreciate the gifts in other people that are just amazing to me....thats why I love homemade..and etsy. There is so much amazing work out there and just a lot of very down to earth people! Thanks for sharing!


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