Monday, March 15, 2010


These pictures are lovely items that can be found on

I do love everything Spring. What can be better than watching all of nature awake from her winter's nap and explode with colors and fragrance. Easter brings back memories of "the bunny cake" my dad use to make us and Easter baskets with furry chicks,chocolate bunnies,sugar eggs and the peeps. What would an Easter basket be without peeps? I love to make Easter baskets and you never out grow them no matter what age you are. I have however out grown the plastic eggs, the all sugar jelly beans and the cellophane grass. Today I prefer a BIG GIRL basket with candles, and girlie stuff, dark chocolate and red wine, much like the picture here. No peeps please, but I wouldn't mind some of the retro candy like Fun Dip, candy buttons and sugar babies. I just happen to find some fun stuff on

"The Bunny Cake"
Remember old-fashioned cutout cakes? This cute bunny is easily made from carrot cake mix frosted and covered with mouthwatering coconut.

You can find the recipe and directions here:

For traditions sake, add a few colored PEEPS next to the bunny~ :)


  1. That bunny cake is soooo cute!!
    I think I'd like the big girl basket too :-)

  2. LOVE your previous PEEP post- Woodstock peeps- haha- mud, haha- I have ordered from Blumchein (sp) before- sometimes I am pleased sometimes I think" what was I thinking"...they do offer some cool stuff- I fall for it every time and spend way too much of the "what was I thinking" cool stuff.


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