Friday, April 16, 2010


There are 2 rose colors that remain elusive to roses and the roses. I have no doubt that true blue roses will be produced sooner or later. I hope it's in my life time. I would love nothing more than to present one to my Mother, my daughter and daughter inlaw on Mother's Day because Mother's are Rare and Precious.


  1. I agree! Those look GORGEOUS! Can you imagine a vase full of them!?!

  2. I just had to leave another comment on your blog as I've thoroughly enjoyed my visit!

    I grabbed your blog badge and in the process realized the code wasn't quite right in that it didn't link back to your blog. SO... if you'd like I would be happy to send you the correct code so you can have a happy and functioning blog badge widget.

    I did try to email you through your profile but it didn't work so just send me a quick message at: and I'll send the code off to you. ;-)

    Looking forward to returning often (and L♥ve your work!).

  3. Beautiful roses, we did have a blue climbing rose at our old house many years ago but it just didnt survive. I think they just dont seem to be sustainable! What a great shame as they would be so gorgeous!


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