Thursday, May 27, 2010


The weekly challenge over at INSPIRATIONAL AVENUE this week is "I've Got The Blues".
I didn't have time this week to really prepare something, so I gathered some 'blue items' from my Etsy shop and here is my submission for this challenge.

Pop over to Inspiration Avenue and check out this week's challenge by some really creative artists!

* Just a quick note: I am having a Big 1/2 Price sale on ALL my items in my ETSY shop (with the exception of my book tags) for 3 full days. I am making room for more items. Go over and take a peek, you might find a treasure at a great price!
God BLess and I hope everyone has a safe and fabulous holiday weekend!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Melange~ all sorts, assemblage, assortment, broad spectrum, conglomeration,
gallimaufry, hash, hodgepodge, hotchpot, hotchpotch, jumble,
magpie, mash, medley, mess, mingle-mangle, miscellany, mishmash,
mix, mixed bag, odds and ends, olio, olla podrida, omnium-gatherum,
pasticcio, pastiche, patchwork, potpourri, salad, salmagundi,
sauce, scramble, stew, what you will


For this challenge, I chose a butterfly. I started with making a pattern from a large recycled envelope. I covered the front with scrap pieces of artist papers from previous projects. The "LOT 60307" is a piece of material cut from a Vintage Levi jacket tag. I added colored felt circles,small punched paper butterflies from scrap papers and magazines,a handmade ceramic heart button,colorful natural fibers, a vintage tag,a metal key embellishment,a small gold door knob and key,and colored jewels. The face was hand stamped on paper and then backed with a thin wooden business card. A paper flower,butterflies,and a paper cutout from vintage sheet music. The brown circular tag has cut out words that read: "Gratitude is the Heart's Memory."

The Back Side was covered with vintage pattern tissue. I added stamped wooden word sticks that read: CELEBRATE LIFE ~ MOMENTS TO SHARE ~ BEYOND WORDS
The two envelope pockets are actual vintage offering envelopes dated 1923. I love these. The left one says: "Pastors Salary and Current expenses". The right one says: "This side for Others". The words at the bottom which read: "May the Good Lord Bless You and Keep you" are cut from vintage sheet music. Inside the envelopes I have two whimsical wands from pieces of the wooden business card and flat vintage buttons and included two printed word cards that read: BEAUTIFUL and ARTGIRL.

This is my weekly challenge and thanks so much for stopping in to view it. Pop over to Inspirational Avenue, and see some fabulous works by other artists who took the challenge!

Some credits to my Etsy friends for some items from their shops:
Handmade Ceramic Buttons from Buttonalia ~
Felt Dots from Twpmango ~
Bakers Twine from Papertreats ~

Sunday, May 16, 2010


This building is over 100 years old with original stain glass windows

Original architectural gate on the above property which I just loved!

This was the most interesting building and definitely one of my favorites yet!!

Have a lovely week everyone!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


This particular vacation we had to take a little closer to home. My mother inlaw is not well so we did not want to be too far away. If you have ever been to Branson, MO, then you know it is very touristy and features lots of shows from stars that have retired from the Vegas scene. Since we are not really into all the shows, we decided to stay in Big Cedar, a resort about 10 miles outside of Branson for a little R&D (relaxation and discovery). My husband was all about this and said "we are taking a break from everything, including art, right?". I said, "of course............SILLY BOY!

You don't have to look far to be inspired~*

We did make a trip to the Butterfly Palace and it was well worth it. These are some of the pics I got there.

NO MATTER WHERE YOU GO...Just don't forget to LOOK ~*

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Welcome! I love altered books and I am happy to share some tips and some wonderful sites that offer freebies to help you along. Glad you are here and enjoy the party!

I know because I have a stack of them, each one waiting for a new life. I guess I should correct myself. There obviously are "bad" books, but I am just referring to condition. You can take the most beaten book with great content and make an exceptional altered book. Altered books are easy once you have gotten past your first one. I love books and I have to say it was hard for me to tear out those pages, to cut holes, and to get past the fear of doing it wrong or messing up. Once you lose that fear, a gateway of ideas will open up to you.

Some of my best books are the ones that went the wrong way, the ones that didn’t quite work out right, but took another turn. The best thing about altered books is that there are no rules, no boundries, just endless possibilities. If you want to learn a few things about yourself, then start with an altered book. You won’t believe what you can do when .. when you learn to fly~*

Finding Copyright Free Images for your Altered Book

Copyright free images are pictures without copyright. In other words, you can use them legally in your art works.
Pictures that are copyright free are in the public domain, meaning anyone can use them.

Where to Get Copyright Free Images:
1. Create Them Yourself
Technically speaking, images you create personally are not copyright free, since you own the copyright yourself. Take pictures with a camera, paint, draw, generate an image on the computer... and its yours!
2. Use Copyrighted Images with Permission
The majority of the images you find are not copyright free. This applies to postcards, magazines, newspapers, catalogs, junk mail, pictures in books, pictures created by your friends, images captured from video or television, and pictures found on the Internet.

However, if you have written permission from the copyright holder,then you are free to use the pictures in your projects.

Sometimes copyright holders will permit you to use their images under certain conditions -- which could include attributing the source, placing restrictions on how the work can be published and distributed, or in exchange for licensing fees or royalties.
3. Use Copyright Free Images that are in the Public Domain
An image reverts to the public domain a number of years after the creator's death (barring other legal implications). The exact number of years differs from country to country. An image can also be in the public domain if its creator has put it there.

Once an image is in the public domain, you can use it any way you want.
Check out these sites for FREE IMAGES:
Please check the terms and conditions at each web site before using their images.


Some of my personal favorites:


Purchase Ready-Made Collage Sheets:
Lots of arts and crafts people are compiling beautiful collage sheets containing pictures that you can use in your altered books. Check out ETSY SHOPS!

Somerset Studio Free Collage Sheet
Every month, Somerset Studio contains a collage sheet that you can cut out and use as desired.

Thank you for being my guests and I am off to join the party myself!
Creative blessings to you~* Spread your wings and FLY!