Friday, July 9, 2010


The challenge this week at Inspirational Avenue is "PAISLEY".
This is my submission using the cover of a vintage sheet music and adding
different paper patterns of paisley to the men's ties and making them paisley hats.
I made the lady's hat with paisley paper and couldn't resist adding articles of
steampunk to her hat.

My submission for the challenge is called:

Thank you for viewing my submission to this week's challenge over at Inspirational Avenue.

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  1. this piece is so very fun! I think the steampunk is a nice edgy touch.

  2. Love those ties! Wouldn't mind one myself, they are very stylish - why let the men have all the fun?

  3. This is great - love the matching hats and ties - you should start a campaign - real men should wear paisley! :)

  4. Wow-za! You creativity and humor just shine through in your art...I LOVE this piece :)

  5. Wonderful!! I love those ties and hats,brilliant!!


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