Sunday, July 25, 2010



Congrats Christine and Thank you to all of you that have left such lovely comments and are following my blog. I am enjoying getting to know you and if I have not yet visited your blog, you can bet I will very soon.. When I visited Christine's blog to let her know she won, I clicked on a blog on her and to my surprise she was hosting a giveaway of her own. A very nice one I might add. A $50.00 gift certificate for anything from A place you have to visit. This was the last day to enter and I gave it my best shot. I am usually much better at giving away than I am winning....but you know what they say,if you don't try, you don't have a chance. Besides, I found some great blogs along the way and new friends, so as far as I'm concerned that's a WIN for me!

Which brings me back to my GIVEAWAY...Don't forget to come back for the third week giveaway in July beginning tomorrow. I will be adding more goodies to the bag!

Have a great week!


  1. Congratulations, Christine!

  2. I love that butterfly tag!!!

  3. YAY...Whoo Hooo!!!! I'm a winner!!!! You know sometimes when I am in one of my "down" moods something wonderful (like this) happens to make me feel a whole lot better!!! I was unable to find your email address. please contact me at mine so I can send you my address.....Happy Dance~~~Hugs, Chris


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