Monday, August 2, 2010


I am girl…..Crazy for TAGS
When I first saw an altered art luggage tag, it was LOVE at FIRST SITE.

I do appreciate cards that I receive that are retail purchased, they come to me with the same amount of sentiment and love. However, there is always a three month keep rule that comes with them for me. I feel like I must keep them for at least 3 months stored away in a drawer before throwing them out or cutting them up and re-purposing. Otherwise, I feel terribly guilty that I have just thrown away this person’s money that they could have had a perfectly good latte with.
And so for my MAD CRAZY LOVE of Book Tags…I love making them. I love that each tag is different, and nothing about them is repetitious, from the theme, to the colors and down to the fibers and or ribbons. I love their versatility. I love that when I give a book tag, it has a meaning, it won’t be stored in a drawer, it will find a home in a good book, a journal, or on a gift bag. I love that tags keep giving. They are less likely to be thrown away and more likely to be re-purposed, re-gifted and actually kept and enjoyed. To me there is nothing better than a good book or a fabulous journal, other than a good book or a fabulous journal stuffed with book tags.
I am in the process of NEW CREATIONS for my book tags and having so much fun with it. Very soon I will be introducing some BOOK TAG MESSENGERS that I am very excited about. I will show them here first and then list in my Etsy shop near the end of August.
Thanks for listening to my raves; we all have our FAVS …what are you Crazy about?


  1. I love your art. I love the mini stuff. I just started blogging and papercrafting. I joined the bloggerrette sorority also, Please come by and see me sometime. Happy Monday, Kim

  2. Great book tag! I hate throwing things out too, I try to figure out a new purpose for it as well. I like your 3-month rule, that's a good way to keep down the piles of clutter. :)


  3. Cool tags, your work totally rocks xx

  4. Just stopping in to say hello to a Sorority sister! Have a wonderful week!

  5. It was so cool reading your take on tags and I hadn't even thought of them as bookmarks, but you're absolutely right! I don't think I'll ever look at them the same again, thanks!

  6. Hi, just dropping by to say thanks for the comment on my blog. Love yours. You have such a fun style. Now I have to find those tags I bought and so totally forgot about and do art this weekend.

    hugs, Kelly


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