Saturday, August 14, 2010


When the World says,"give up", HOPE whispers,"try it one more time"

This weeks challenge at Inspiration Avenue is HOPE. My submission for the challenge is one of my newest creations called "MESSENGERS". They are 4 1/2" by 10" long, completely handmade by me. I first made a natural card stock back pattern and then separate pattern pieces for the wings, head, feet and body. Each Messenger is different and uniquely designed and pieced. The heads are cut from 1953 1 cent post cards. The faces are stamped and then attached to the postcards. On many of the backs you can see the one cent stamp which I loved. I have attached hand selected natural fibers and dyed ribbons. After designing and piecing each messenger with various papers, found,purchased and re-purposed, the edges were thinly finished with gold paint.

Messengers will send messages of Inspiration. Each one will come with a small handmade envelope and paper to add your special message. I have also just completed Inspiration Stands, perfect for photos, letters, cards and especially made for holding Messengers if you want to display them on your desk or mantle.
I love things that have a purpose. I am excited about my Messengers because they are perfect cards, they can be displayed on a stand or my favorite....used as a bookmark and sure to bring a smile and keep the Inspiration alive every time the receiver sees it.

I hope you will take a peek at my shop and see my other Messengers. Also be sure to pop over to Inspiration Avenue and check out all the incredible HOPE submissions!


  1. Wow what a fantastic piece of hope.
    Really gorgeous.

  2. this is such a wonderful idea - inspiring and FILLED with hope; WELL DONE!

  3. What a beautiful piece! These are very unique and a great idea.

  4. What a great idea. I'm sure you'll sell loads of these in your shop. They are a unique and special gift.

  5. Wonderful idea - I love your messenger of hope!

  6. Super wow! I adore this gorgeous creative and full of life! Shine on..a fabulous creation!

  7. Awesome tag and I love the saying!


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