Sunday, September 26, 2010



SAL is my submission for this week's challenge at INSPIRATION AVENUE. She is a funky fun gal from the 80's. Sal is a painter and artist. She is looking for someone to give her the makeover of her DREAMS. Sal loves homemade and spends her time browsing ETSY shops. She is hoping her makeover will help her fulfill her dream of becoming an ETSY CONSULTANT.

She currently has her original eclectic look; her floral coat, lace up boots, brown braided hair, flower hat and mink wrap. I have added a fabric flower pin to her hat that can be removed and worn and two of my handmade Domino necklaces. Sal has her bag filled with some fabulous treasures she has collected from some of her favorite shops. Not everything is seen in the photo. I have added more to help her along the way.

She is proud of her physique. She is fit and in great shape. She has never smoked but she is quite fond of happy hour with her friends and she eats like a horse.

If you can my gal Sal a new look, she is up for adoption in my Etsy Shop. She has a great disposition and her bag is overflowing with treasures new, vintage and handmade.

Anyone up for Sal? I made her several years ago with my mother inlaw and we sold different versions of these for $100.00. without her bag and extra's. I have finally made the DECISION to sell her. She was a labor of LOVE, I only managed to make 3 of them besides this one. Now you can DECIDE her new look or just let her help you with your buying and selling on Etsy....and she does come with some fabulous accessories!

Thanks for viewing my submission for this week's challenge and Sal says "Get on over to INSPIRATION AVENUE and see what DECISIONS are going on over there"

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Sunday, September 19, 2010



One definition of Metamorphosis is any complete change in appearance, character, circumstances; a form resulting from any such change.

I REALLY wanted to make an altered art book for this week's challenge but for some reason this week I just couldn't manage my time and get everything done. This door is a previous project but I love it and I think it fits the bill for this challenge.

This was an old door that I brought home from a day of yard selling. This particular couple purchased an older home and had taken down all the old doors and replaced them with new ones.
She had just sold all the doors before I arrived. In the corner of her garage I noticed a door that looked like it had been there for some time, dusty, dirty, cob get the picture. I asked about that door and she said, "oh, you don't want that door, it was an old closet door and it won't fit anywhere unless you have a really old home and it needs lots of work". The lots of work I could handle and it was just screaming "Metamorphosis". Upon closer look at the door, one of the sides had a mirror. I knew right away inspite of the peeling paint, dirt and cobwebs, I had to have that door.

That was a good day, for $2.00 she insisted I was doing her a favor by hauling it off and out of her garage. With a little clean up, sanding, rust removing, and elbow grease, I added hooks, paint, built a stand for the bottom. I don't have before and after pics, but I remember what door looked like when I purchased it and what it looks like now. In all it's glory still, it stands by my front door to hang guest hats and coats on.

The back side of the door is solid , it also has hooks. I have recently decided to paint the back solid insert with chalk board paint. The door can be used from either side and I think it would be great fun to use the other side for announcements & messages on birthdays and special times with family and friends. Thank you for viewing my submission and step over to Inspiration Avenue and see what changes have taken place with this week's theme! Just roll over the title of this post and you are there!

P.S. I just heard from my friend over at Buttonalia on Etsy. She makes fabulous buttons and she compiled a great treasury with the new life of all her buttons! I told her I was going to add her treasury to my blog...a perfect fit for this theme.
Go take a look at her treasury and see the METAMORPHOSIS of her handmade buttons!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


This morning I was sitting on the beach listing to the waves with my best
friend. We were bucket heads playing in the sand, answering to no one watching
as the water crept up with each wave getting closer and closer to our toes. And
With a the sound of a loud blast I dropped my sand shovel and .........I woke up.
It was my alarm clock waking me from my dream. A very simple dream of a simple day, one I hope I have over and over again.

I made this 3 tier picture frame this summer for my bathroom as a reminder to slow down and enjoy each day!

SIMPLIFY, this week's challenge at Inspiration Avenue. I long to throw my phone away that connects me to the world, to dis-connect the TV, big brother, reality shows, to hang a sign on my door that reads: Gone Beaching...
To simplify means going without the things that clutter our lives and keep us busier than we want to be. Can I? I want too, it's a struggle, maybe I will try it for a week, maybe two and then who knows? Do you Dream of Simplifying?

This is one of my POP items that I just listed in my ETSY Shop this weekend.
It fit the theme so I thought I would share it as well.
POP stands for Pendants, Oddities and Possibilities.

You can also POP over to Inspiration Avenue for to see some awesome submissions by
some very talented artists. Go..and take a look..just roll over this title and you are there!

Sunday, September 5, 2010



This week's challenge at Inspiration Avenue. Below is my submission to this week's challenge and also a SNEAK PEEK at a new line I am adding to my ETSY shop called POP. POP stands for Pendants, Oddities, and Possibilities.

All the items on this pendant are found treasures, some vintage and some new, each bonded with memories of where I found them and created to make something new.

I have been working for weeks now on new POP additions and I hope to have them added to my shop within the next couple days. I will continue adding new POP creations, journals, books, tags and more on a regular basis. I would love it if you would stop by for a visit and check them out!

There are some fabulous submissions over at INSPIRATION AVENUE, just roll over the title of this post and be prepared to be WOWED!