Sunday, September 26, 2010



SAL is my submission for this week's challenge at INSPIRATION AVENUE. She is a funky fun gal from the 80's. Sal is a painter and artist. She is looking for someone to give her the makeover of her DREAMS. Sal loves homemade and spends her time browsing ETSY shops. She is hoping her makeover will help her fulfill her dream of becoming an ETSY CONSULTANT.

She currently has her original eclectic look; her floral coat, lace up boots, brown braided hair, flower hat and mink wrap. I have added a fabric flower pin to her hat that can be removed and worn and two of my handmade Domino necklaces. Sal has her bag filled with some fabulous treasures she has collected from some of her favorite shops. Not everything is seen in the photo. I have added more to help her along the way.

She is proud of her physique. She is fit and in great shape. She has never smoked but she is quite fond of happy hour with her friends and she eats like a horse.

If you can my gal Sal a new look, she is up for adoption in my Etsy Shop. She has a great disposition and her bag is overflowing with treasures new, vintage and handmade.

Anyone up for Sal? I made her several years ago with my mother inlaw and we sold different versions of these for $100.00. without her bag and extra's. I have finally made the DECISION to sell her. She was a labor of LOVE, I only managed to make 3 of them besides this one. Now you can DECIDE her new look or just let her help you with your buying and selling on Etsy....and she does come with some fabulous accessories!

Thanks for viewing my submission for this week's challenge and Sal says "Get on over to INSPIRATION AVENUE and see what DECISIONS are going on over there"

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  1. Sal is super 80's girl..steal my heart..i think we have the same boots..we could hang out and have a blast i am sure! Wonderful entry!! yay!
    May she find a new home real soon..

  2. She is quite adorable and very unique.

  3. Sal is great!I can just see her dancing to early Madonna. Hope she finds a fun home soon.

  4. Sal is the gal, for sure! Brilliant!

  5. I just love Sal, especially her boots!
    Wow she is just a ball of arty unbelievably creative! You are just so inspiring and original!

  6. Sal use a word from the 80's AWESOME! I love her boot, but her promotional sign stole my heart- what a great idea! Here's to hoping for a speedy adoption!

  7. Wonderful doll your Sal, hope she will find a new home real soon, thanks for visit and comment on my blog.


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