Sunday, November 14, 2010


This week's challenge at Inspiration Avenue.

"The origin of the word community comes from
the Latin munus, which means gift, and cum,
which means together, among each other.
Community literally means to give among each other.
Community could be defined as a group of people
who share gifts which they provide to all."

After reading the definition of community, a lot of things come to mind. It's not hard when you think of family, loved ones, the town you live in and call home, people you work with and friends who become your extended family. Even the little critters who give us enjoyment (and annoy us)daily have a sense of community and our lives for the most part are richer
because they are here!

I have been incredibly busy trying to get ready for a craft show next week and had no idea if I was going to have time to make something for this challenge, but when I saw these little critters I knew this was my submission for this week's challenge. If you roll over the title of this post you will see more submissions
from the community of INSPIRATION AVENUE!



  1. Oh so nice of him to share that peanut! Er, well...the birds think (hope) he is sharing anyway! Such a cute photo!

  2. Love this...gorgeous and sweet..lovely!!

  3. This is so funny! My BFF just sent me, yesterday, an email with a whole lot of funny animal photos and this was one of them!

  4. Great submission for the is an awesome photo and so appropriate!

    Good luck with your craft fair! I'm busy getting ready for one, too (my first)! Be sure to post some photos of yours!

  5. this pic is hilarious! gave me a good laugh this morning!

  6. Thanks for the smile, and yes, the little critters are definitely part of our community! Good luck on your show next week- I'm sure your beautiful work will FLY out the door!

  7. I always leave here with a smile :D

    I'm rooting for the birds!

  8. Such a cute and hilarious picture! It really hits "community"! Thank you for bringing a huge smile on my face!


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