Saturday, November 27, 2010


INGENUITY - This week's challenge at Inspiration Avenue. Roll over the title of this post and check out the submissions for this week's challenge.

How my mind works:

Day after Thanksgiving, begin cleaning the house to put up tree,decorations etc.
Putting up some decor..find journals unfinished. Read journals. Retreat to art room and pull out articles collected to finish ideas for journal covers. Spot Christmas gifts purchased in closet. Begin looking at purchases and thinking maybe I need to do something different for ____. Spy coffee cozies finished and left over from Christmas Craft show, spread out on table and start taking pictures of cozies to list in Etsy shop. Take photos. Download photos to PC. Get hot cup of coffee and call my aunt. List coffee cozies in Etsy shop. Watch Razorback game....WHOOO PIGS! Feed the dog, push Christmas tree box with tree inside to the hallway, go get Chinese takeout. Post submission for Inspiration Avenue...decorate tree tomorrow!

Here are my Eco-friendly coffee cozies made from felted re-claimed wool sweaters.

To see more coffee cozies, check out my etsy shop.
Thanks for viewing my submission for this week's challenge at Inspiration Avenue.
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  1. I came over from Inspiration Avenue and love your piece. I completely relate to how you work. I start on one thing and then the process evolves into something else. I am glad to know that I am not the only one! haha Coffee cozies are very ingenious ideas and love yours!! Very awesome designs.

  2. LOLLOL!!!!
    Now that's a genius at work!
    Much more important to get things listed in etsy, and those cup cozies are fabulous!
    I say, just paint or decopage the treebox! Look at all the extra time you will have in January!

  3. Your cozies are great - I love creative recycling. And at least the Christmas stuff made it to the hallway!

  4. oh my goodness, I agree with Lisa these are FABULOUS!

  5. Your to-do list is a big as mine! These cozies of yours are a great gift idea...I'll spread the word. Hard to choose which is my favorite in your shop!


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