Tuesday, December 13, 2011


There are so many celebrations during the month of December and so many words to describe all the merriment going on during the month. This week's challenge at Inspiration Avenue is to pick one of those words for your challenge. Right now I am still faced with so many choices still to make regarding Christmas and unfinished challenges of my own so I knew right away what my word would be when I met Myra.

I came across Myra searching for a gift in one of our local vintage shops. She is a vintage photo postcard from France. Her hat is totally made of real feathers. I added a few jewels to the feather flowers. Not only did I just love her spirit, she inspired me. She looked as if she was decked out with her feather and jewel hat and ready for all the Festivities to come not letting her spirit be dampened by choices made or things not done.

There is so much that fills my heart at Christmastime, so much joy, love, gratitude for old friends, family, new friends,furry friends and blessings overflowing. It is literally a challenge in itself to put any of that into words or pictures that accurately describes the beauty and wealth of it all. So, I choose to embrace December in all it's Glory and FESTIVITIES. I will put on my best hat like Myra and enjoy the season!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my followers, old and new and may the New Year bring the Best to You!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

English Literature

The theme this week at Inspiration Avenue is English Literature. A fascinating subject for sure and one that brings to mind so many subjects for this challenge. As I relived some of the history exploring the many avenues in which to go, I must say that I found myself as exhausted as Queen Mary below or maybe that was Queen Elizabeth, or Queen Victoria, or it could have been Queen Isabella. At any rate, I find myself in my busy days feeling the same way. "There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to ART".

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Saturday, November 26, 2011


AGED BEAUTY is this week's challenge at Inspiration Avenue. I didn't get to create something for this challenge, but in the spirit of "Aged Beauty's", this one is close to my heart.

This AGED BEAUTY has been my our family for many years. With each year she brings
more memories and will be even more beautiful as she is passed down to future generations.

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Saturday, October 29, 2011


We have been in this moving mode which seems to be going on forever. So, today I gathered up some things here and there to get READY! Ready for what?

The Ball of course! THE MASQUERADE BALL over at Inspiration Avenue. Most of my art supplies are packed so it was quite a challenge to come up with something for this week's theme, but who on earth would want to miss a "MASQUERADE BALL"? Here is my submission. I plan to make it a magnet to put on my board to remind me that "all work and no play, makes for a very long and boring day".

I started with a Domino and then decided to make a face with some Crayola Modeling Clay,which by the way works really, really well plugging up holes in your wall before you touch up with paint. I made a clay disc, let it dry overnight and then stamped the face. I still had a discard box from previous art projects that were left over pieces and I contemplated throwing it all out. Everything I used came from that box except the clay.

I just purchased this stamp which really says "tea", not "THE BALL", but I covered right over it with the bottom part of a tag that was a previous "toss out".

This is the poem I originally wrote thinking I could at least submit a poem, but I couldn't help myself, I have missed several challenges and the need to create something with hands just won me over.


A Masquerade Ball ...
My favorite place to be
When I wear my mask,
No one knows it's me
It's not the mask I wear,
Or my choice of clothes...
It's not the scars of yesterdays
That no one really knows...

The Magic of The Ball,
All for one and one for All!
I can be a devilish fiend or a princess far & fair
Who am I... and Who are you? The mystery's in the air..

The Ball, The Ball...my favorite place to be,
Where Spirits Soar, and Lives are Free!
And Oh those precious hours of The Ball...
Until the clock we part....
You will have met the BEST of ME,

...Because you saw my Heart!

Until the Clock Strikes 12,
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Sunday, October 16, 2011


This week's challenge at Inspiration Avenue is FEAR. I missed the challenge because we are packed up and moving..I loved seeing all the fabulous submissions for this challenge and in doing so I realized I had a real FEAR going on at this very moment.

My "Fear of Moving Day"....

...all the boxes will be delivered,unpacked,the truck gone and this will be the image I see.....

Surely not,...right?

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Friday, October 7, 2011


You are invited to join in on the Wings of Inspiration Blog Party hosted by Inspiration Avenue. It's celebration time and lots of fun things are happening already!
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Sunday, August 28, 2011


The theme this week at Inspiration Avenue is Sunflowers. I don't think a bouquet is complete without a sunflower. They are big and bold and say things in a big way. So I titled my submission, "Coffee & Friends and Sunflowers".

In light of all the turbulent weather,droughts,heat,and busy back to school,...
I hope the "after" brings you all time for "Coffee, Friends and Sunflowers

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Saturday, August 20, 2011


WHEN YOU TURN OFF THE PHONE....Put the coffee on and shut the door and hang your sign out that says: "Don't come in or else". If you don't have a sign, get one..it works! (especially if you lock the door).

I managed to finish three art projects, finally and make my art submission at Inspiration Avenue on time this week.
I hope you are having a good weekend and I just wanted to share my new finished art assemblages.








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"Her stare is Icey Cold and Chilling...but it is only due to her broken heart"

The challenge this week at Inspiration Avenue is "ICEY". This summer with all the high temperatures, I thought a lot about "ICEY" and the anticipation of winter. I also thought about people I met in passing this summer that had a cold, chilling, glance and did not even return a smile. Perhaps they were just hot, or maybe they had a broken heart....

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Saturday, August 13, 2011


This week's challenge at Inspiration Avenue is "SUN KISSED". The theme was to create something or "things" you love or appreciate about summer. This mixed media assemblage is my submission for this week.


The Inspiration for this theme actually came from a pile of items I cleaned out from some of my art bins. These were items that I have not used for some time. The last thing I came across was this big glowing gold jewel. It looked like a sun. That was the beginning of my assemblage and out of the pile it came. Next, I picked out a 4" x 3" used canvas that I purchased in a little box of junk at a yard sale one day that had one little thing I wanted in it. That canvas also came out of the pile and into the "use" pile.
After retrieving a few more items that I was about to toss out, I changed my mind and it all went back into the bin. What was I thinking?

A few more looks at that gold SUN looking jewel and this doll assemblage was born.

The first thing I did was make the head. I knew I wanted colorful ribbons and yard fibers for her hair, but how was I going to glue them on to a piece of card stock and still be able to add a face without a smooth surface? Again, I went back to my stock of useless stuff. I found one vintage cabinet photo card. The picture was ruined but I kept it because the back side had beautiful scroll writing. I cut 2, 2 inch pieces and layered the hair between them and glued all the yarn and ribbons down. After it was dry, I had a nice smooth surface to add a face and a cool looking back with writing from the cabinet photo. I braided a few strands of her hair and added a glass butterfly bead on another strand.

Next, I painted the canvas and added the words on the front and back side. I have never worked with copper tubing before but I found some in my husband's stash of
"guy stuff" in the garage. This was perfect for the arms and legs. After hammering and flattening the ends, I drilled a hole in each end and nailed the arms and legs to the small wood canvas frame. With needle nose pliers, I curled the feet and hands. If you notice, I used the back side of the canvas for the front and the front side for the back. This allowed me to put the "golden sun" jewel in the center of the body and left room for all the words on the back side. Lastly, I wasn't sure how to add the finished head. Back to the drawing board. I found a bag of very small wooden vintage scrabble tiles and spelled the word "SUN". I glued them on with the word "SUN" facing the back side, and it also gave support for me to glue the head onto the backside of the tiles for the front side of the canvas. She measures 6"tall and 3 1/2 inches wide, not including the arms and legs.



I hope you have enjoyed my submission this week and you can find it in my Etsy shop.
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Just a reminder, go through your "stash" piles now and then and get inspired!
I also discovered that this frozen dinner container also makes a great vessel to mix paint in!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


The challenge for this week at Inspiration Avenue is "The Forest for the Trees". There can be so many interpretations for this theme. Last week, I made a Paper House greeting card. This week's theme gave me not only a great idea for my second Paper House card but a different twist on this week's challenge. I hope you like it!

Every once in awhile, we lose our way.... and angels find us.


Angels are often friends, family and sometimes strangers who are sent to cross our path..

The roof top is the card on the underside and the house is tied together on the side by a string that is attached and a button. I like to put designs inside the card as well,.... a hidden treat. You can put our own treats inside the house as an added gift.

Each Paper House card comes with a re-purposed envelope of my choosing for mailing...I promise it will be cute!

She couldn't see the forest for the trees, but she loved him anyway.

Paper House cards can be purchased in my Etsy shop. If you purchase this particular card in my shop, just say you saw it on Inspiration Avenue and the buyer will also receive the college for this theme challenge as well.

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Sunday, July 31, 2011


The submission for this week's theme challenge over at Inspiration Avenue is TEA TIME.
We are all fragile. Sometime in our lives we will experience love lost, disappointments, illness, distance relationships, broken friendships or we will know someone who needs a friend, encouragement or just a cup of tea to share from a kindred spirit.

This is one of my new creations, PAPER HOUSE CARDS. This one is for TEA TIME.
The card is approximately 2" x 4". It can be folded flat to mail and it put together by wrapping the string around the button. The roof sits on top of the house and is also the card. The inside card is blank with several pages for you to write messages or sentiments. Inside the house contains a Sealed Organic Green Jasmine Tea Bag.--

Paper House TEA TIME card, house and tea bag will come in a re-purposed envelope for mailing.

Keep and eye out for more PAPER HOUSE CARDS for my Etsy shop.
All cards will be original.

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