Saturday, January 29, 2011


The Challenge this week at Inspiration Avenue is "BROKEN PIECES". I was especially
excited about this challenge because I am always collecting broken pieces of things that were once cherished and loved. I started looking through my stash to see what I could start with and build upon. I already knew what it was before I opened the box. The one piece I saved that I knew one day I would do something with it. The broken music box. Here are the pictures of what came together and things I used to make it.

Meet Essie
and her Box of Broken Pieces

Essie is 5 1/2" tall. Her body is a vintage music box that winds and still plays,
"Silent Night". Her head is made from a rubber stamp block that I ruined and kept the wood piece..(just in case). On top of her head is a handstamped copper tag that I used for some of my skeleton keys that didn't turn out quite like I wanted so it was discarded. It is attached with a vintage snap.

On the body of the music box, I added a brass disc that says "Cherish" and attached it with a broken brad. I also added a silver wing attached with broken brads. One of my favorite things on the the body of the music box is a very old antique brass button clasp that was once on a coat. It has a crown on the front of the clasp and I attached it with broken brads that fit into each one of the holes in the clasp where it would have been sewn on the coat. Hanging from this button clasp is vintage brass pocket watch key wind on the original chain. These are extremely hard to find and I thought it fit with this project very well.

Essie stands on two vintage wooden thread spools that have been painted. I have added to her body old book pages and photos from a broken vintage child's doll book.
I used 7 Gypsies number tape on the sides of the music box and broken butterfly wings that went to a hanging mobile.

The box that Essie stands on is her pride and joy. It is her vault of "Broken Pieces". This was a broken box that I fixed and covered with vintage pages from a doll book and paper images from pieces I saved of unused art work. I then added the wording to complete the box that reads: Broken Jewelry Cherished Here" on the front and "The Vault of Broken Pieces" on the back. Some pieces of broken jewelry hang from the knob that opens the box in the front.

Front of box:

Back of box:

Top of box:

Inside of box:

Bottom of the box (under part) had collaged letters that say: "NEW LIFE"

That completes my Essie made from BROKEN PIECES for this week's challenge over at Inspiration Avenue. I really enjoyed this challenge and I am tickled pink that you stopped by to see it. To view more submissions for "Broken Pieces" just roll over the title of this post and it will take you there ~*


  1. WOW Kim this is awesome!!!! LOVE IT
    So many things to see and look at all in one piece of art. you Rock!

  2. This my friend is magic! What a tremendous effort you put into this challenge and a wonderful use of all those broken things. Never throw anything away I say! Who needs recycling plants when we have artists?

  3. My first reaction was "wow". When I scrolled down the post, there were more and more "wow"s coming out of my mouth. This is brilliant!!!

  4. Essie is just amazing! You put so many treasures together to create her. The whole piece is just charming! I love her.

    I can see you are a real collector of broken pieces. I found out during this challenge that I don't have nearly as many broken things as I thought. I'm going to have to search out more of them.

  5. Wow. What a fabulous creation. I'm amazed at your creativity- Bravo!

  6. Very very nice. You've put a lot of heart into this. Beautiful creation. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Supreme, superb and sublime.
    I am totally blown away!
    You win! You win!
    There isn't a prize, but YOU WIN!!!

  8. My life is a bunch of broken pieces right now, so I didn't join in this week. But I had to stop by and see your assemblage. I'm so in love with this piece. It speaks to me from every angle and every photo. This is one super entry that leaves me wanting more!

  9. Even though I didn't play in this weeks challenge I wanted to stop by here and tell you how much I like this piece. Yeah!

  10. You are right, they are all nice! Please toss my name in the ring! Thanks for stopping by mine.
    OWOH #733

  11. Talk about a super cool project, this rocks!


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