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Aside from the obvious, breathing is a good thing, it is necessary to live any kind of life. When I began thinking about the word "breathe" everything we breathe in involves "scents", things that we smell.
When you think of things we smell, that is of course is a two sided coin, not always pleasant things like smog, trash, body odors, old perfume, etc. I was thinking more along the lines of things I like to smell and breathe in. Things that make you breath in and exhale with a feeling of euphoric, calmness and gratefulness.
These are some of the things that came right to my mind:

The smell of a baby

Fresh air after a rain shower

The scent of something baking from your childhood

A long tight hug

The scent of a rose..breathing in it's fragrance and exhaling in gratitude that they are on loan to us..

The smell of sunshine on fresh towels and linens after drying on the clothes line.

That was the entry I wanted to do, making a altered page showing one half of the page with ugly things we are forced to breathe and the other half with things that make us want to breathe more. However, one of the things that came to my mind was a long time neighbor who smoked most all of his life. When the time came for him to retire and enjoy his life, it was all taken from him. When he went to check his mail it took everything in him. He wore an oxygen tank and took two baby steps, bent down to breathe, two baby steps more, bending down to breathe and repeating the process until he reached the mail box. Everything in me wanted to run and retrieve his mail. His wife's response was, "No, this is what he looks forward to". I immediately knew that none of the above things really matter much if you can't breathe.

So this is my heartfelt submission:


My father died March 1, 2004. Smoking killed him.

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  1. What a great post! Smoking led to the deaths of my grandfather and father-in-law (who I never got a chance to meet). Thanks for sending an important reminder! Theresa

  2. This is a beautiful and thoughtful post for the theme this week. It is the balance of good and bad that keeps us whole. I also agree about smoking, my mother has stopped smoking so that she can enjoy a longer life.

  3. Beautiful post.. am sorry about your Dad.. I have been trying to quit smoking for good now for the past 2 years..I am glad your Mom has quit Amanda.. it's sure a horrible habit to get rid of.

  4. Babies are the best smell...
    I'm sorry about your dad...I lost mine too.

  5. Just a quick note here, I hope my post does not offend anyone who does smoke. It's just that there are those that love you and the world would much less without you~ *

    love and hugs!~

  6. An excellent post..Thank you for sharing!!Warmest Regards,Cat

  7. You are so right about smoking! When we came to the States in 2001 we were delighted about the wide spread non-smoking here in CA - so different from Germany at that time. Fortunately, Germany is on track now as well.
    Great post!!

  8. It's not often I get all wrapped up in a story, but this one really grabbed me. I'm not just impressed with the thoughts you had about great scents versus bad scents, I was also impressed by the punch line. "Don't smoke" makes the perfect saying. And it's really the perfect way for us to breathe properly, too.

  9. Hear, hear. Breathing in all that yuck takes away your ability to breathe later. I wish for everyone wanting to quit to have the strength and determination to do so.


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