Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Two week marathon, no time for bathroom breaks. This was my first year for the One World One Heart tour. I have to say this was no feat for the weak or weary. I found myself staying up all hours past my beddie bye time and even falling asleep at my computer. I was taking trips before breakfast, traveling at lunch and sneaking peaks whenever a moment presented itself. Sadly, it is the last tour but I am so grateful to have met an amazing person like Lisa and everyone else who gave me rest and renewed my spirit at each stop along the way. Was it worth it? Totally! Did I make every blog? No. I am a looker. I like to look. I like to spend time in places that make me happy, that interest me. I am not a Hello, Goodbye person. Like a good book read over and over, I like to dog ear the pages, write in the columns and take notes. I thoroughly enjoyed my journey as I browsed through each blog reading profiles, visiting posts, viewing amazing works of art, and adding to my list of things I want to try and places to keep my eye on.

Thank you to those who participated and allowed me to walk through your rose gardens, drink tea in your kitchen, view your studio, meet your family and see your world. I left each blog in awe and content with the knowledge that I am NOT the only one who does not dust...until necessary.

I could spend two weeks talking about each blog I visited, but you know who you are, FABULOUS, WONDERFUL, Loving what you do and sharing the love.

Some of my dog eared pages of new blogs I found:

Thistle Cove Farm ~ a lovely place to visit. I picked up a fabulous apple cobbler recipe on my visit (below). Mine wasn't quite as pretty as hers but there wasn't a spoonful left when the evening was over.

If you are lucky enough to live in FRANCE, you are lucky enough!
My new blog friend, TROC, BROC and RECUP

Troc - swapping, exchange and bartering
Broc - dealing in antiques
ReCup - to recover, to makeup, to salvage
and of course, then there is FRANCE!

Fiber Art and Crazy Quilting
Who also lives in rose garden heaven..in Australia (which I always thought to be baren and full of poisonous things.. wrong

Somewhere between Paradise and the MILKYWAY
and a Fruited Plain in the USA

She makes cupcakes in her rose garden~*

Province of Nova Scotia
Who is Alice in Paris, who loves Art and Tea
Drop in and tell her IMGIRL sent you!

So MANY more angels, I have you book marked! And if I don't, then I just haven't had the time to get there. Email me and I will be happy to add you.

Come back tomorrow and check out some of the awesome door prizes I won and meet the creative souls behind them!

Have you looked into the mirror today?


  1. I hear ya that is how I was the first year I participated too...Glad to know there is some one else out there like me. Congratulations on winning some door prizes.

  2. What a lovely post! I added quite a few new blogs to my following list (including yours!) from the OWOH tour too.

    I hope you've received my prize which you won - guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out!

    Have a lovely day x


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