Sunday, February 13, 2011


I made this cover for one of my art journals, but the real reason for this post today is the need to Believe. Do I believe? Yes, I believe in many things, God, goodness, evil, today, the hope of tomorrow, my family, my children. I believe that we all look the same on the inside even if we don't remotely resemble each other on the outside. I could go on and on about things I feel strongly about and believe in, but what really speaks to me today is the NEED to believe. The need to believe is stronger and deeper. I need to believe that the outcome of certain things in my life will be good. I need to believe that prayers for someone sick will be answered. I need to believe that tomorrow will be better. I need to believe that hungry children will be fed. I need to believe that everything I know now is not all that I will know. I need to believe there is more for people in suffering and pain. I NEED to BELIEVE......because when you believe no matter what it is you are believing, then there is HOPE...and when there is Hope, there is no fork in the road, only a path in the right direction.
I am a very positive up beat person but sometimes LIFE just makes you think deeper.
Just like I NEED to believe that someone actually reads my blog (LOL) and I have HOPE that if people do,they will follow and keep returning!
HOPE is good!


  1. Keep believing imgirl! I'm reading your blog and this post is lovely.

  2. Hang on, keep believing, not all outcomes are what we want (from personal experience) and sometimes letting go makes for a rough road. Hope whatever your need is will be revealed.

    You're right, whatever you know now is not all you will know in the future. Getting wisdom through surviving adversity is exhausting. Stay well.

  3. Oh my gosh, I LOVE the journals! The first image is my favorite and I thought you were doing a book review when I saw it. It would be a gorgeous book jacket. I would buy a print of that cover if you can make a copy for me.

    To believe is to have faith and while sometimes our faith is tested it is what gets us through those tough and trying times. It gives us hope, as you said and it gives us a sense of peace. I am all about believing and laying it at His feet. I cannot control everything so I have to remind myself to have faith. It is my motto.

    I always enjoy reading your blog. I am glad you keep it updated. You are better at that than I. I prefer to blog hop and then mine takes a backseat. Good thing everyone is not like that or I wouldn't have much fun blog hopping, now would I?.
    Have a wonderful evening.

  4. I get what you are saying...believing is something a struggle with often.
    Your journal cover is gorgeous! Believe that!
    Have a great week.
    Oh, and lots of people read your blog!

  5. I'm reading! :) These journals are so gorgeous - you did a fabulous job with them. Great work! Theresa

  6. What a strong word, BELIEVE, I love it! Thanks for your words, I need them today, nothing serious but just missing my loved ones.
    Love from Sookylalah.
    Ps the journals are lovely!

  7. I just finished reading your comment on my cupcake post. I was crying before I made it to the end. I love love love the rose garden thing. This is the exact kind of connection I was hoping for from OWOH. I just read your BELIEVE post and you got me again. My husband and I were talking about hope just the other day. It's funny how your circumstances haven't changed, but when you have hope, everything changes. Thanks for the post. PS IMGIRL what's your name? I'm going to my rose garden to make cupcakes. Thanks, Cindy

  8. I LOVE reading your blog :)
    Both pages are beautiful works of all you need is FAITH...Faith that everything always is the way it's suppossed to be...when you have that mastered, let me's a real struggle for me <3


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