Monday, March 21, 2011


Beginning this week there is a Big Spring Sale going on over in my Etsy shop. Everything in my shop is 50% off for a limited time only. I am trying to clear out and make room for new creative inventory and vintage items. Check it out and if you see something you like and would like 50% off just use the coupon code: WOW50 at checkout.

I Love Spring time. It's time to clean out, de-clutter, renew, live more simply.

There is nothing more calming and renewing than the fragrance of a fresh picked rose.

Two of my favorite decorating pieces. These antique architectural wood pillars have been used for many table settings for showers, dinners, holding candles or just sitting on my mantle.

My Happy Place ~*

My Double Dog Dare Hair in my dreams. I love Pink!


You will never guess what I found in there!



A lady holding a Dwarf Australian baby goat! He was only 6 hours old. You can see by her hands holding him that this precious guy was very new and little. Just goes to show you, you never know what you will find at Hobby Lobby!

Anyone enjoying Spring Break?
Love, Hugs and


Sunday, March 13, 2011


It all started when I decided to take the extra time that I purposely set aside today to clean out my art studio and all the supplies, extra's etc. that I was "going" to put away later. My paper bin was an absolute mess. Full of large pieces, small pieces, torn pieces and things that did not belong there. That's as far as I got in the cleaning out process for today.

When it comes to beautiful, unusual and well, just about any kind of paper that can be used for art, I don't throw it out. As I began sorting all the scraps, I could feel myself settling into my happy place and the ideas just start flooding in. After a couple hours of sort, more or less, I emerged from my studio pretty happy and proud that I had accomplished something productive today. Was it cleaning up my studio? Sorting out my mess? No, but I did make these cute calling cards from some of my scraps. I am just about out of my business cards and I have been searching MOO for possible business cards. I did like what I saw and they have some amazing cards that can be printed with pictures of your art and just about anything you can
imagine to do.

This is fun and great way to use your card stock and paper scraps, and any little pictures you have cut out you didn't quite know what to do with. I added some little jewel embellishments and stickers that were not tagged for future use. It's a great way to dispose of some of your supplies while making something useful at the same time. I personally would love to have some calling cards from my artists friends!

I plan on inserting these along with anything I sell from my Etsy shop.
I actually did get my idea for the long skinny ones from the MOO site on their mini's. Easy to do and much better on the pocket book!

Now can you see why I had so much fun? So, when you decide to clean out, just remember, it's much more satisfying to answer the call to:


I do like Moo a lot and will probably use them at some point and time in the future. However, for me, it is just hard to resist homemade and making things your own, and why not? Throwing out scraps just didn't appeal to me and I think I managed to put them to pretty good use, not to mention that it was MUCH more fun than cleaning out my studio. Which is why I always go back to, "ART before CHORES" when the spirit moves you. I have to get it out of my system, THEN, I can whistle while I work!

Today is a good day. No complaints. I hope your day has been fruitful for you as well. As I reflect upon things going on all over the world this week, I am full of
gratitude for any "normal", "boring days" and I am hugging them all! Hugs to you too!
In prayerful gratitude, Kim ~*


This week's challenge at Inspiration Avenue. I just made two ACEO cards and with a little tweaking to make them black and white and pink, they just fit this week's challenge.



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Saturday, March 5, 2011


"Celestial" is this week's art challenge at Inspiration Avenue.
I thought my Seven Celestial beings would fit right in for this week's challenge.
I made the pattern for these angels from discarded vintage 2 cent postcards that I purchased from a sale. The back side shows the 2cent stamp and the postcard. Each angel is a collage of variety of papers, some purchased and some found. The heads are rubber stamped images.

Celestial beings...that dwell in heaven such as divinities or angels.








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Friday, March 4, 2011


Wow, until recently the word 'earthquake' was just a word that was associated with other parts of the world that deeply affected me when I would watch the news of their appearance on t.v. and my heart would just ache for people that were affected by this natural (or unnatural) occurrence of mother nature. However, once you feel that ground move beneath your feet, that word becomes very REAL.

There has been a lot of shaking going on here in Central Arkansas lately and that has made a lot of folks here really nervous not knowing what is going to happen or when.
That's a whole other story and you may have heard all about it on the news. People here seem to think that all the oil drilling going on in this area has unleashed the beast. With that said, I do apologize for the delay on my "Bragging Post" about the wonderful door prizes I won during the OWOH Tour.

So without further delay, here are the beautifully crafted and creatively designed
door prizes that I won during the OWOH Tour. I can't say enough about them. I encourage you to visit each of the blogs of these creative souls and not only will you find a wealth of information and treasures there, but you will also meet some delightful kindred spirits that you will want to visit time and stay awhile.

Sherry is from Greater London,United Kingdom. I won Sherry's first prize! She crafted this fabulous Fabric Rag Quilted Sewing Bag and matching Pin Cushion!

I have it under wraps as several people I know have had their eye on it! If you would like to see what inspired her and how she made it, check out her blog. It's all there! I am so excited to have it and to meet Sherry!

Cyn from North Eastern CT. She is a Chef and Artist. Check out her blog. She has some loving furry friends Pepper and Henry and this lucky girl gets to enjoy blue, green, and pinkish brown eggs everyday!

I was fortunate enough to win two of Cyn's gorgeous quilt blocks. She is one busy lady and hasn't had time to get them done yet, but something beautiful, handmade and gifted from a friend is always worth waiting for.

Pop in and say Hello to Cyn! You'll be glad you did!

Annie from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA.
A true gypsy @ heart born on Valentines Day!
Check out this awesome bracelet made by Annie and so generously given as a door prize. It is even more amazing in person, vibrant and colorful. Annie also included some of her creative art greeting cards, 5 of them! Check out her Etsy shop as well.

Drop by Annie's blog and give her a heart!

Nicky also known to her artist friends as Minxy. Minxy from Somerset, United Kingdom.
Minxy is a self professed altered art artist and craft-oholic. LOL, Minxy girl, join the club, we are here to support you!
Check out Minxy's blog and her creative works of art! I received this altered art canvas from Minxy as a winner of one of her door prizes! I have it hanging in my entry way and it reads: "It's the little things that make Life Big"....just what OWOH Tour was all about! I couldn't have said it better!

Craft-oholics, show Minxy the Love!

Thanks for stopping in...I love it when you do!
Standing firm on shaking ground!