Sunday, March 13, 2011


It all started when I decided to take the extra time that I purposely set aside today to clean out my art studio and all the supplies, extra's etc. that I was "going" to put away later. My paper bin was an absolute mess. Full of large pieces, small pieces, torn pieces and things that did not belong there. That's as far as I got in the cleaning out process for today.

When it comes to beautiful, unusual and well, just about any kind of paper that can be used for art, I don't throw it out. As I began sorting all the scraps, I could feel myself settling into my happy place and the ideas just start flooding in. After a couple hours of sort, more or less, I emerged from my studio pretty happy and proud that I had accomplished something productive today. Was it cleaning up my studio? Sorting out my mess? No, but I did make these cute calling cards from some of my scraps. I am just about out of my business cards and I have been searching MOO for possible business cards. I did like what I saw and they have some amazing cards that can be printed with pictures of your art and just about anything you can
imagine to do.

This is fun and great way to use your card stock and paper scraps, and any little pictures you have cut out you didn't quite know what to do with. I added some little jewel embellishments and stickers that were not tagged for future use. It's a great way to dispose of some of your supplies while making something useful at the same time. I personally would love to have some calling cards from my artists friends!

I plan on inserting these along with anything I sell from my Etsy shop.
I actually did get my idea for the long skinny ones from the MOO site on their mini's. Easy to do and much better on the pocket book!

Now can you see why I had so much fun? So, when you decide to clean out, just remember, it's much more satisfying to answer the call to:


I do like Moo a lot and will probably use them at some point and time in the future. However, for me, it is just hard to resist homemade and making things your own, and why not? Throwing out scraps just didn't appeal to me and I think I managed to put them to pretty good use, not to mention that it was MUCH more fun than cleaning out my studio. Which is why I always go back to, "ART before CHORES" when the spirit moves you. I have to get it out of my system, THEN, I can whistle while I work!

Today is a good day. No complaints. I hope your day has been fruitful for you as well. As I reflect upon things going on all over the world this week, I am full of
gratitude for any "normal", "boring days" and I am hugging them all! Hugs to you too!
In prayerful gratitude, Kim ~*


  1. I have a few boxes of paper cut outs, and when I look through them, it's usually a happy surprise since I had forgotten about them!

  2. Those are really so fabulous! I love how you use what you have in your crafting arsenal to make these lovely cards. :) Take care! Theresa

  3. great idea to use up all those you I hate throwing things away

  4. You are so creative! All of these are wonderful...I have so many paper scraps and I refuse to throw any away. You've inspired me to use them for something fun and useful!

  5. LOVE your version of the Moo's!!! What an awesome (and green) idea! Hugs, Terri

  6. These are amazing! As usual, my favorites are the ones with faces ;) Art before chores? I KNEW there was a reason I liked you!

  7. Ok, seriously, you have just given me the perfect tag line - ART BEFORE CHORES! I love it AND also your idea to create homemade MOO cards - great idea!!!!! Kim - your butterfly is now up on my blog but I can't remember where you live and/or if you want me to include your last name in the post (it is linked here). Could you let me know at

    Thanks so much - great blog - I'm a follower!

  8. Hi lady! I love what you did with all of your small goodies! I would love to buy the card that reads" One must work eat and play". I looked in your shop but could not find it. Can you email me. tlsprinkle at Thanks!

  9. these are great. i love the idea of sending one with each sale from ETSY - always nice to give people a bit more than they were expecting.

    i make collage post cards and send one as a thank you card each time i sell an art piece. people really love receiving them, and it's a great use of bits and pieces of left over papers.

    but i love your idea for book marks or gift tags. these are lovely.
    thanks for the great ideas.

  10. Hi there, I am a friend of Katie's Cows and Udder things, I love your blog. I see you are an Artchix fan like me.
    Love your creations.
    I have heard of MOO's, are they not a fancy name for an artist's business card??? I know all about cleaning up stashes, I hate throwing out even small bits but sometimes you just have to do it.
    Thanks for some great inspiration.
    Come by and visit my blog sometimes. Always welcome new visitors.

  11. ~i absolutely l♥♥♥ve this idea!!! a brilliant creative way to share yourself give others a glimpse of you and your work...each ever so unique and so different from what others usually give or hand out...i think you are onto something quite remarkable here...thank you for sharing this idea with us...much love light and blessings upon you~

  12. As I was reading about you cleaning your paper bin out all I was thinking is that there is no way you would get through it without creating something. lol.. It just doesn't happen that way for us artists. Almost everything I do is inspiring to me and trickles ideas into my head that make me all excited.. I wanna go play with my scraps now. :)
    Have a great weekend.


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