Thursday, April 21, 2011


MY ART SUBMISSION for the Charity Art Auction for Angel Faces is ESSIE.

ESSIE is dear to my heart. She is an Art Doll Assemblage made from Broken Pieces brought back to Life. She has so much meaning in my life and I am happy to offer her for such a wonderful charity that brings hope to young girls and helps to mend the broken pieces of their lives.

My name is Kim and I am the artist/creator of ESSIE. Essie has some very unique features. Her body is a vintage old music box that still winds and plays a beautiful clear tone of "Silent Night". I love this song anytime of year. It's the hush of that one night that brings gives us Hope. Essie has earned her silver angel wing and also her crown which you can see on the rare antique brass button clasp that was once on an antique coat.

Essie covets and cherishes her box or Vault of Broken Pieces and she saves them to bring new Life and Hope to other Art Dolls like her who may need spare parts. She also has a rare vintage brass pocket watch key wind on the original chain that hangs from her crown button clasp. This is a reminder for Essie to always "wind forward" focusing on all the good things to come.

Essie stands 5 1/2 inches tall. Her cherished box of Broken Pieces measures 3" tall, 3 1/4' long and 2 1/4" deep. The lid inside has an old watch spring, jewel and broken butterfly wing. The box is perfect for storing your own cherished broken pieces. The bottom of the box has letters that say:


THe Art Charity Auction will begin May 1st, and you will have to go to INSPIRATION AVENUE to see all the auction art submissions and place any bids there. Oh, and did I mention that shipping is all included in the bid price! The beginning bid on ESSIE will start at $75.00. I hope you will bid generously on her,the winning bidder will be bringing "New Life" to someone deserving and Hopeful at ANGEL FACES.

Mark your calenders, and be at the auction May 1-7. We would LOVE it if you would be so kind as to pass on this worthy auction on and feel free to post the Charity Art Auction Badge on your blog.

Kim ~*


  1. Just stopping by to say Hi!....loving Essie!

  2. Love it Kim! I rec'd your email and I have the button on my sidebar. I'm now going to be brainstorming what I can dream up for the auction!

  3. WOW KIM LOVE HER!!! I need to get to work on something. the auction is gonna be here so fast. You inspired me.

  4. Just fabulous! I hope it auctions for a good price! Theresa

  5. I love Essie and the story behind her. So sweet and well thought out. She is very special and I love that she is so meaningful to you, Kim. She will be a wonderful piece for our Art Auction. Yay! I hope you are enjoying your much needed vacation!

  6. I love that Essie has a wing by her heart.

  7. Oh Kim - Essie is amazing!! I love the story this tells. I know someone is going to treasure her!

  8. Essie is amazing with each part of her symbolising parts of her story. So much thought and love. I'm sure it will be hard for you to part with her and this shows what a kind hearted person you are to auction her for a great cause.
    Kat X

  9. I'm totally impressed with Essie. I am in awe of how many personal feelings this piece holds. She is one lovely assemblage!


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