Sunday, July 31, 2011


The submission for this week's theme challenge over at Inspiration Avenue is TEA TIME.
We are all fragile. Sometime in our lives we will experience love lost, disappointments, illness, distance relationships, broken friendships or we will know someone who needs a friend, encouragement or just a cup of tea to share from a kindred spirit.

This is one of my new creations, PAPER HOUSE CARDS. This one is for TEA TIME.
The card is approximately 2" x 4". It can be folded flat to mail and it put together by wrapping the string around the button. The roof sits on top of the house and is also the card. The inside card is blank with several pages for you to write messages or sentiments. Inside the house contains a Sealed Organic Green Jasmine Tea Bag.--

Paper House TEA TIME card, house and tea bag will come in a re-purposed envelope for mailing.

Keep and eye out for more PAPER HOUSE CARDS for my Etsy shop.
All cards will be original.

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Sunday, July 24, 2011


..and it's not in the kitchen!

We had a lot of things planned for this week of vacation, all of which will be too hot to enjoy. So, I decided to quit whining and take advantage of a week that is not jammed pack and enjoy completing some fun projects around the house. First of all, my family will be the first to tell you that I like to paint...EVERYTHING, and while some people hate change, I embrace it. So, if you have been to my house and see something new, more than likely it was once blue or yellow or perhaps once part of something else.

Here is a glimpse of some of the projects I had fun with while I was off. Feel free to leave a comment or if you have any questions, I am always happy to share further details.

Our house has some what of a beach theme, mostly because we love the beach... and we have collected shells and beach items from different places. We recently went crazy and ripped out our carpet without a plan. We knew we couldn't afford the wood floor we wanted right now, but the carpet was dirty, annoying and making our allergies crazy. We just had enough and couldn't stand it anymore, so we did the next best thing... we took out the carpet and we ...painted. In spite of our lack of knowledge and there being a little more to it than we thought, we learned a lot and it was all worth it! We love the color,(Bahama Blue). We can breathe clean air and it is so easy to keep the floor clean. It also feels great on the feet! :) This was all prior to my vacation.

So this week I spent time putting back everything we had to move into the back bedroom and studio and it inspired me to complete some of these projects below:

The BOWL Mirror:
You can find this bowl mirror at Pottery Barn for about $80.00 or you can just dig out those wooden bowls you have stored away because you know you really can't use them for much and they are too awesome to mess up. Go to any craft store and purchase 4" round mirrors. Add a few dots of glue from the glue gun and a picture hanger on the back and you are good to go. You can also purchase wood bowls at any of the larger discount stores. I had five and this is how I used them.


BEACH LETTERS. . . simple wood letters from Hobby Lobby.

I GLUED THE LETTERS TO A board that was once a chalk board sign, re-painted for the beach!


I even got my hubby inspired and he replaced all the cabinet hardware in the kitchen,utility and bathrooms. They used to be this ugly, dark, out dated antiqued brass hardware. This simple switch (and the cheapest handles that Lowe's had) made our cabinets look totally different and changed the look of the rooms. I highly recommend!

"FLASH BACK", It's so hot, I looked out on the patio and I swear I saw snow!

This was a 100 year old mirror and the wood details were loose and falling off. I glued everything on well, sanded just the bad places where paint was chipping off
pretty badly and then (this will make furniture re-finisher's shiver) ...I spray painted it with a cream color enamel paint. Then I carefully selected small shells from my collections and with my trusty glue gun, it was easy peasy! You can also do this same thing with any frame, old or new.

I am really proud of this mirror that has been sitting unloved for sometime and it now hangs in my dining area.


Something else in my dining room is "THE FISH". THE FISH is a large wood carving that we purchased years ago and with many moves and being stored, it needed some love and attention. It acquired lots of dings and lost it's luster along the way.
What did I do? You may have guessed..I painted it. Somehow the fish became referred to as a female..hummm... a female who sets the mood in the house. THE FISH has two colored eyes. If all is good in the house, the fish is turned with her blue eye showing. IF there there is tension in the house, ...check the fish...if she is showing her RED eye, then LOOK OUT! This was a fun project and now has added a lot of fun conversation to our house and new life for our fish carving that we can now enjoy using.


MORE USE FOR SOME OF MY SHELLS and Table Decoration...
I added sand in bottom of this large vase, added the shells and set a votive glass holder inside pushing it a little below the shell level into the sand. When the candle is lit, it gives a beautiful glow to all the shells.

DON'T DISCOUNT THINGS THAT HAVE BEEN USED. I found some used canvas at a yard sale. I painted over them and added some beach stones to the canvas making a great wall
decoration for my bedroom. I actually made a collage of three, all beach stones with similar tags and a little different backgrounds. Quick and simple! Etsy is a great place to find beach stones and shells if you don't have access to them.

When we moved in our house, we had these ugly skinny curtains that the last owners left on the windows of either side of our door. To get window coverings for these size windows, it is either expensive custom ordering or do it yourself. I put that project off as long as I could because I don't have a lot of confidence in the sewing department. However, I am proof that if I can fly by the seat of my pants and make window curtains, so can you and probably much better. I purchased some canvas like material at Walmart. I thought stripes would be better to work with, easier to cut and measure and I am always drawn to the black and white look. I knew I was not going to attempt the draw string kind, so I did the next best thing, I made them look like they might be drawn up by sewing pleats in them. It was all much easier than I expected and I gained some much needed confidence in that department. After I was finished, I discovered some black velcro in my sewing drawer and immediately I thought of that black stripe. I took them down once again and sewed velcro on the first pleat of the each black stripe on the under side and the next to the last black pleat on the under side. Now the curtains can easily be raised up by using the velcro and you can't even see it on the black stripe. They are NOT professional, not even close, but I made them and they look great and no one knows that but YOU!

Last but not least, this was my most favorite project this week!
THE BLACKBOARD WALL...again, thank you Pottery Barn!
My wall consist of three boards 11 1/2 inches deep and 45" long. I didnt' even have to cut them. They were already this size and were the cheapest grade with knot holes and dings. I picked through them all until I found 3 fairly good boards and purchased a sand paper sponge...easy to hold and easy on the hands. I lightly sanded the knot holes and any dings and then added the picture hangers on the ends of each board before painting them. I painted with chalk board paint from Walmart which was cheaper than Lowe's. If you do this, make sure you measure your picture hangers on the back the same width from the top and the sides of each board. That makes it much easier when it comes to hanging them. Just hang your first one on the bottom and then measure your next board up.

I added a couple plate hangers I found at a flea market and purchased these really cool plates from

Oh, we did go to see the last Harry Potter movie, only because we saw all the rest ...and don't stone me Harry Potter Fans, but I didn't think it was the best and I am not that sad to see it go...I enjoyed the ride while it lasted but I think it was time to move on.

Don't be Timid when it comes to doing things yourself. If you haven't done it, try it. You will be surprised what you can do. Have COURAGE, put on your Shell Hat and and just do what you love. Then you can feel good about treating yourself with all the money you saved!


Did I have fun on my vacation? I absolutely did. It was fun and productive. It was not bad staying home and not being constantly on the run, it wasn't the beach..but I did enjoy a margarita or two!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


This week's theme challenge over at Inspiration Avenue is "WINGS".
I just have to believe that beside every angel is a four legged angel with wings.

Here is my submission:

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Saturday, July 2, 2011


The challenge over at Inspiration Avenue this week is "Nursery Rhymes".

I decided to write my own nursery rhyme and add a little illustration.

Here is my submission:

No Graffiti On The Wall

Old Mother Hubbard went to her cupboard
to check out her art supplies....
Her cupboard was bare, nothing was there,
No paint or brushes in sight

Jack and Jill lived up the hill about a block
or so,
They had an Etsy shop and knew just where she could go
Old Mother knew full well computers weren't her thing,
so she would call Jack be Nimble and all his knowledge he would bring ..
(and he was quick)

Hickory Dickery Doc, the Mice ran up the Clock to see what they could see,
No Jack insight, but Hey Diddle Diddle, The Cat and The Fiddle, they came
to save the day,
On the way to Mary's Garden to see what she could grow, (She's quite contrary you know)
They saw over weight Humpty Dumpty rocking to and fro...

"Oh my", said the Baker, "Oh my",said the candlestick maker, "someone catch him,
he's going to fall",
(He shouldn't be painting graffiti on that wall)

Little Jack Horner was on the corner eating his curds and whey, he pulled out his
thumb and away he ran to save the day,
As he was crossing the street, he tripped over his feet and they were sure poor Humpty fell to his demise..
The Baker could not believe his eyes!

The Cow jumped over the Moon, he saw it all, poor Humpty's ghastly fall
The Cat and the Fiddle gathered up his supplies, they had never seen such a sight,
The Dish and the Spoon rented him a room with the Woman in The Shoe
for the night

The little Old Woman who lived in shoe, had so many supplies, she didn't know what to do
Scratching her door stood Old Mother's dog, begging a bone
she gave him one and sent
him home ...
with a bag of Humpty's art supplies, except for glue.

With Old Mother asleep in her bed, she now locks her door (thieves are to blame)
So he heads for the roof top and down the chimney he came.
The noise was so loud with so much clatter, she rose from her bed to see what was the
Brushes and paint and paper galore, it was all that she dreamed of and
so much more..

Jack was to follow and brought all her friends, "no time to sleep", "let the Etsy
shop begin"..
She now had supplies as she wiped her wet eyes and her dog was wagging his tail,
The curtains fling open, the coffee is on and she now looks forward to checking her
And fat little Humpty is better than new; he lost a few pounds and has been re-purposed with paper and glue
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