Saturday, July 2, 2011


The challenge over at Inspiration Avenue this week is "Nursery Rhymes".

I decided to write my own nursery rhyme and add a little illustration.

Here is my submission:

No Graffiti On The Wall

Old Mother Hubbard went to her cupboard
to check out her art supplies....
Her cupboard was bare, nothing was there,
No paint or brushes in sight

Jack and Jill lived up the hill about a block
or so,
They had an Etsy shop and knew just where she could go
Old Mother knew full well computers weren't her thing,
so she would call Jack be Nimble and all his knowledge he would bring ..
(and he was quick)

Hickory Dickery Doc, the Mice ran up the Clock to see what they could see,
No Jack insight, but Hey Diddle Diddle, The Cat and The Fiddle, they came
to save the day,
On the way to Mary's Garden to see what she could grow, (She's quite contrary you know)
They saw over weight Humpty Dumpty rocking to and fro...

"Oh my", said the Baker, "Oh my",said the candlestick maker, "someone catch him,
he's going to fall",
(He shouldn't be painting graffiti on that wall)

Little Jack Horner was on the corner eating his curds and whey, he pulled out his
thumb and away he ran to save the day,
As he was crossing the street, he tripped over his feet and they were sure poor Humpty fell to his demise..
The Baker could not believe his eyes!

The Cow jumped over the Moon, he saw it all, poor Humpty's ghastly fall
The Cat and the Fiddle gathered up his supplies, they had never seen such a sight,
The Dish and the Spoon rented him a room with the Woman in The Shoe
for the night

The little Old Woman who lived in shoe, had so many supplies, she didn't know what to do
Scratching her door stood Old Mother's dog, begging a bone
she gave him one and sent
him home ...
with a bag of Humpty's art supplies, except for glue.

With Old Mother asleep in her bed, she now locks her door (thieves are to blame)
So he heads for the roof top and down the chimney he came.
The noise was so loud with so much clatter, she rose from her bed to see what was the
Brushes and paint and paper galore, it was all that she dreamed of and
so much more..

Jack was to follow and brought all her friends, "no time to sleep", "let the Etsy
shop begin"..
She now had supplies as she wiped her wet eyes and her dog was wagging his tail,
The curtains fling open, the coffee is on and she now looks forward to checking her
And fat little Humpty is better than new; he lost a few pounds and has been re-purposed with paper and glue
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  1. What fun! Hope you have a great holiday weekend! :)

  2. Very clever my dear! You tickled me. I love the illustration to go along with your nursery rhyme. How delightful!

  3. This is fantastic!!!! I love the funky illustration and the rhyme is so clever & has me grinning.

    Definitely my favourite this week! :-))

    Kat X

  4. OK, yes, officially bonkers!! Thanks for that - such a fun piece and all those characters were so well remembered!!

    Great job

  5. Too cute.. love your rhyme and the drawing.. made me smile...

  6. Sooooo clever.... you are multi-talented.


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