Saturday, August 13, 2011


This week's challenge at Inspiration Avenue is "SUN KISSED". The theme was to create something or "things" you love or appreciate about summer. This mixed media assemblage is my submission for this week.


The Inspiration for this theme actually came from a pile of items I cleaned out from some of my art bins. These were items that I have not used for some time. The last thing I came across was this big glowing gold jewel. It looked like a sun. That was the beginning of my assemblage and out of the pile it came. Next, I picked out a 4" x 3" used canvas that I purchased in a little box of junk at a yard sale one day that had one little thing I wanted in it. That canvas also came out of the pile and into the "use" pile.
After retrieving a few more items that I was about to toss out, I changed my mind and it all went back into the bin. What was I thinking?

A few more looks at that gold SUN looking jewel and this doll assemblage was born.

The first thing I did was make the head. I knew I wanted colorful ribbons and yard fibers for her hair, but how was I going to glue them on to a piece of card stock and still be able to add a face without a smooth surface? Again, I went back to my stock of useless stuff. I found one vintage cabinet photo card. The picture was ruined but I kept it because the back side had beautiful scroll writing. I cut 2, 2 inch pieces and layered the hair between them and glued all the yarn and ribbons down. After it was dry, I had a nice smooth surface to add a face and a cool looking back with writing from the cabinet photo. I braided a few strands of her hair and added a glass butterfly bead on another strand.

Next, I painted the canvas and added the words on the front and back side. I have never worked with copper tubing before but I found some in my husband's stash of
"guy stuff" in the garage. This was perfect for the arms and legs. After hammering and flattening the ends, I drilled a hole in each end and nailed the arms and legs to the small wood canvas frame. With needle nose pliers, I curled the feet and hands. If you notice, I used the back side of the canvas for the front and the front side for the back. This allowed me to put the "golden sun" jewel in the center of the body and left room for all the words on the back side. Lastly, I wasn't sure how to add the finished head. Back to the drawing board. I found a bag of very small wooden vintage scrabble tiles and spelled the word "SUN". I glued them on with the word "SUN" facing the back side, and it also gave support for me to glue the head onto the backside of the tiles for the front side of the canvas. She measures 6"tall and 3 1/2 inches wide, not including the arms and legs.



I hope you have enjoyed my submission this week and you can find it in my Etsy shop.
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Just a reminder, go through your "stash" piles now and then and get inspired!
I also discovered that this frozen dinner container also makes a great vessel to mix paint in!


  1. totally cute and nice save and use of "good stuff"!

  2. Your doll is wonderful, the photo of her riding on the back of the turtle made me laugh. (I have takeout containers I use for paints, too.)

  3. NOw--this is awesome!! and you know what the cherry on top of this sundae is??--well the turtle of course!! I love it all!

  4. I absolutely love this. And your 'useless stuff' turned out to be very useful after all. And yes I use tv dinner containers for paint!! My motto 'never throw anything out'. Unless of course it is perishable.

  5. Gotta love copper tubing. It was the perfect addition to this mixed media on canvas. Gott a love that it is SO different from all the other entries I have seen this week. You make some really AWESOME art dolls. This one, with all the ribbon in (or rather as) her hair, is perfect.

  6. I love your piece for the challenge this week. I love all the elements you have used and created. I really like the way you showed all the ways to turn different items into something so beautiful. Just wonderful.

  7. I really enjoyed visiting here and seeing this wonderful piece. It was fun to read about your process & you have inspired me to go through some of my Huge stash and create something with it!

  8. So beautiful and very inspirational! Thanks for sharing how you created it!

  9. She is gorgeous, what a fantastic girl. I totally love her hair.

  10. Fabulous use of materials - she's wonderful!

  11. This is fab! I love her funky hair, the sun jewel and the words collaged on the back (including the clever multi-purpose use of the scrabble tiles). And a clever idea to use the back side of the canvas like a box frame.

    Thanks so much for sharing the story & process behind her - you've provided so much inspiration. And like you I love to re-discover things in my stash :-)

    Kat Xx


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