Saturday, October 29, 2011


We have been in this moving mode which seems to be going on forever. So, today I gathered up some things here and there to get READY! Ready for what?

The Ball of course! THE MASQUERADE BALL over at Inspiration Avenue. Most of my art supplies are packed so it was quite a challenge to come up with something for this week's theme, but who on earth would want to miss a "MASQUERADE BALL"? Here is my submission. I plan to make it a magnet to put on my board to remind me that "all work and no play, makes for a very long and boring day".

I started with a Domino and then decided to make a face with some Crayola Modeling Clay,which by the way works really, really well plugging up holes in your wall before you touch up with paint. I made a clay disc, let it dry overnight and then stamped the face. I still had a discard box from previous art projects that were left over pieces and I contemplated throwing it all out. Everything I used came from that box except the clay.

I just purchased this stamp which really says "tea", not "THE BALL", but I covered right over it with the bottom part of a tag that was a previous "toss out".

This is the poem I originally wrote thinking I could at least submit a poem, but I couldn't help myself, I have missed several challenges and the need to create something with hands just won me over.


A Masquerade Ball ...
My favorite place to be
When I wear my mask,
No one knows it's me
It's not the mask I wear,
Or my choice of clothes...
It's not the scars of yesterdays
That no one really knows...

The Magic of The Ball,
All for one and one for All!
I can be a devilish fiend or a princess far & fair
Who am I... and Who are you? The mystery's in the air..

The Ball, The favorite place to be,
Where Spirits Soar, and Lives are Free!
And Oh those precious hours of The Ball...
Until the clock we part....
You will have met the BEST of ME,

...Because you saw my Heart!

Until the Clock Strikes 12,
I hope to see you there! Roll over the title of this post and Join the Fun!

Please take off your mask and leave me a comment, I would love to know you were here! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. This is just amazing... i want to pick it up and look at it really really closely... your workmanship looks freaky good !!! xx

  2. Wow - and it's made from your discards! I'd love to dig through that box! It's so clever and I love all the charms and doodads on it.

  3. Love your poem! And what a creative piece. I'm coming to the ball for sure. :)

  4. The poem is so much fun- I want to go too! I really like your domino piece, the circles going round and round- like a dance.

  5. awesome! you are so talented and I admire your spirit amongst moving and all its challenges!

  6. I was here! :)
    Your art leaves me in awe!


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