Saturday, November 26, 2011


AGED BEAUTY is this week's challenge at Inspiration Avenue. I didn't get to create something for this challenge, but in the spirit of "Aged Beauty's", this one is close to my heart.

This AGED BEAUTY has been my our family for many years. With each year she brings
more memories and will be even more beautiful as she is passed down to future generations.

"AGED BEAUTY'S" can come in any form. Roll over the title of this post and join in the spirit at INSPIRATION AVENUE.

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  1. Hi Kim:)
    I've never seen a clock like this...with a cameo pendant, it's gorgeous!
    I hope your holiday was happy...
    I think of you every day♥♥♥

  2. What a stunning timepiece - it seems to excude gravity and history. And the detail in the carving and cameo is divine!

  3. HOw lovely to pass this down through the generations. She really is a beauty!

  4. OOO ...this is awesome!! Gawd ... i was drooling when i saw her!

  5. This aged beauty is TIMELESS. Sorry, couldn't help myself!

  6. That clock is amazing! I've truly never seen anything like it.


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