Monday, January 30, 2012


The challenge this week at Inspiration Avenue.

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I didn't think I was going to be able to participate in this weeks challenge due to too many conflicts. I recently made new book tags and I haven't had the time to get them all listed in my Etsy shop. This was one of my new tags and I thought it was a perfect fit for this week's challenge.

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Saturday, January 28, 2012


The challenge this week at Inspiration Avenue is the Alphabet. I love making journals so for me the decision this week of what to make was an easy one. Filling a journal with moments, ... putting down on paper a thought, a dream, an idea, a memory or emotions from your heart that can only be released on paper is just the beginning of a journey.
The finished journal is not the end of the journey, it is more like a found treasure that holds a part of your life with priceless pages that tell your story at that moment or time in your life.

I am a doodler and a scribbler, with a Picaso form of art short hand that no one can read but me. I personally love Art Journals. When I am busy working or shopping or just living life, I am constantly taking in information, and feeding it to my brain. It's a curse. I am a project hoarder. I have so many ideas and "to do" projects that would scare even the most energetic person away. (Thank you God for Pinterest boards). Taking time to journal is the perfect release for all that overload. I love going back and looking at finished journals. If you have never started or completed a journal, it is easy, just begin , your journey is waiting....

This is my submission for this week's challenge at Inspiration Avenue.
"Play with Desire"

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Saturday, January 21, 2012


Moss covered paths between scarlet peonies,
Pale jade mountains fill your rustic windows.
I envy you, drunk with flowers,
Butterflies swirling in your dreams.
~Ch'ien Ch'i

BUTTERFLIES ~ A favorite subject and the perfect species for this week's challenge over at Inspiration Avenue. Where I ended up with my challenge was no where close to where I started.. those are the best challenges for me...the unplanned ones, the ones that just evolve before your eyes, emerging out of my cocoon and into something that will take flight.

"They are the Dreamers" is the cover of my book ~

There is nothing more beautiful and whimsical than a child's stories and dreams.
They see life in it's truest form. Colors are brighter, stories and dreams are possibilities, everything is bigger and brighter and beautiful. They are the Dreamers.


I stitched all the pictures and each side of the book after adding seam binding so that I could tie the front pages together. Then I stitched each side to the center collage so that each side closed and opened from the center. The collage book is about 8" x 11".

I started out with an art sheet from stampington to make a card and but I ended up covering it all up with collage, paper & ink. It ended up being a big collage card or book.
I am a pretty big stickler for detail so when I finished, I thought I better check out the back to see if I needed to add or cover anything up. I was so super surprised when I saw that the original Stampington paper that I started with was named "BUTTERFLIES". At that point I added two wings and called it "finished".

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Sunday, January 15, 2012


The challenge this week at Inspiration Avenue is "PAPER DOLLS". I didn't actually make this Doll Assemblage for this week's challenge, for lack of time this week, but she was just recently made and I feel like she would fit well for the challenge.

She started out as a paper doll and I ended up only using her face. I never know what I am going to do until all my supplies are set out in front of me and then she just evolved into this MUSIC DOLL ASSEMBLAGE.

She is made from Vintage Jewelry parts, stamped and stained blocks, Vintage music box (which plays beautifully),some stamped tongue depressor sticks from fellow artist Lani Kent (Healing Expressions), vintage camera lens,and brass embellishments. She was so fun to make. I have other Music Doll Assemblages in my Etsy shop and I am currently finishing up another one for Valentines Day, soon to be in my shop. I would love for you to stop by and take a peek soon.

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Saturday, January 7, 2012


The challenge this week at Inspiration Avenue is "DAMASK". This Altered Art Journal made with Damask paper is my submission for this week's challenge.

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