Saturday, January 28, 2012


The challenge this week at Inspiration Avenue is the Alphabet. I love making journals so for me the decision this week of what to make was an easy one. Filling a journal with moments, ... putting down on paper a thought, a dream, an idea, a memory or emotions from your heart that can only be released on paper is just the beginning of a journey.
The finished journal is not the end of the journey, it is more like a found treasure that holds a part of your life with priceless pages that tell your story at that moment or time in your life.

I am a doodler and a scribbler, with a Picaso form of art short hand that no one can read but me. I personally love Art Journals. When I am busy working or shopping or just living life, I am constantly taking in information, and feeding it to my brain. It's a curse. I am a project hoarder. I have so many ideas and "to do" projects that would scare even the most energetic person away. (Thank you God for Pinterest boards). Taking time to journal is the perfect release for all that overload. I love going back and looking at finished journals. If you have never started or completed a journal, it is easy, just begin , your journey is waiting....

This is my submission for this week's challenge at Inspiration Avenue.
"Play with Desire"

I love that you stopped by! You are also invited to play with us each week.
I am on my way over Inspiration Avenue to check out the rest of the Alphabet!
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  1. This journal page would have been more appealing if it had a bit of color to it (JUST JOKING-simply couldn't contain myself when I saw all that color!). This is amazing! And of course, the color sets it apart, too. Did I mention how much I like the color of this piece? Looks like you really DO play with desire. And, I'm glad I could read it, even though the color (and compostion) was the big thing for me.

  2. Replies
    1. Your journal is very inviting Kim - bright and breezy and whimsical and fun! Just crying out to be filled with stories and ideas and sketches and even more colour! x

  3. Great entry IMGirl...So much fun!

  4. This makes me much fun, color and whimsy all on one little page.


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