Thursday, March 29, 2012


I have always been a doodler by nature. Doodling is a little magical. I love the way my mind takes over when my brain does not want to listen to what is being said or going on around me. That's when I tend to doodle. Sometimes I doodle out of boredom or when I am on the phone. Believe me, if you can talk and drive, you can talk and doodle. You shouldn't talk and drive, but it's perfectly safe to talk and doodle as long as you are not doing a third task like cooking. (you can guess how that turned out).
It amazes me what comes through my hand when I am not really conscious of what I am doing. Leonardo Da Vinci once said, "If the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art".

Today I doodled for Jenn in the Artist Play Room Challenge. It was weird purposely doodling with nothing else going on. My best doodles come out of nowhere, but these are for you Jenn!

A Loving Heart is the Truest Wisdom

I decided to make these two "doodling doodles" into cards just for fun. I like for everything to have a purpose.

I enjoyed this challenge. I actually "doodled" in the few minutes that I had left from lunch before returning to work and I have to say it was a nice "brain break".

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The challenge this week at Inspiration Avenue is "Stormy Weather".
My submission for the challenge is something I don't do enough of...

Next time the day brings you stormy weather.. Seize the day

And take off your boots....(even if they are the cute pink ones).

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


If you feel blue today, ...Look for the "Pink Cloud".

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photos via Imgirl, Imgirl on Pinterest via "So Blue".

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Sharing News!

I have just launched a new blog for Artists Who Journal, a Visual Gallery of Inspiration.

If art journaling inspires you, or you are an artist who journals and would like to be featured on my blog with your art journal or art journal pages, please leave me a comment with a link to your journal or pages on this site.

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Do come by often and feel free to share the link on your blog. If you are featured, you can also grab the featured badge. I hope to have this gallery overflowing with inspiration very soon and if you are like me, you too will be flying without wings!


Wednesday, March 21, 2012


"A doll who sat on the shelf has no memories. The fond memories are those of broken dolls, the dolls that were well loved"

The Challenge this week at Inspiration Avenue is DOLLS hosted by Hettienne. I was excited to see this theme because I have been wanting to do another music box assemblage. Not too long ago I found this vintage music box at the Good Will Store. Whenever I make donations, I like to go in and look. I always find something useful.

It wasn't much to look at and at first I thought it was a picture frame. The picture inside was a Hummel picture that was all torn and the little fence was broken and the bird was missing. Then I noticed the knob on front turned. However, after turning it, nothing happened. Nothing happened until... you pulled out the little metal knob on the side of the box and then the music played this song "Try To Remember". The sticker on the back says "ANRI" and Made in Switzerland with THORENS Movement. The entire box is all wood and can stand alone or hang on the wall. Very sturdy hanger attached. This was such a sweet find and could easily be altered. One of the great things about it is the music that comes out of it. It is very clear and distinctive with a beautiful tone and a vintage sounding music box, one of the best I have heard in a long time. I have made several other Music box dolls with music boxes so I was thrilled to hear this weeks theme.

The original vintage color was ugly olive green and red before being painted. The assemblage consists of vintage doll collage faces, an original metal skeleton key, a mini porcelain broken doll leg, a mini wooden rocking horse and a little vintage porcelain tea cup. I titled this submission "Broken Doll Memories". When I was small, the dolls I received were meant to be played with, not stored in a box or on a shelf. Their hair was cut off and brushed until it fell out, their heads would pop off, legs and arms were broken. I have some fond memories of my broken dolls because those were the ones I played with the most.

This is the knob you wind up and when you want it to play the tune "Try to Remember", you just pull out the metal knob on the side and push it back in to turn it off. I have never seen one like this before.

This is a vintage doll book tag I made to go along with this Broken Dolls Music Box Assemblage. You can find this assemblage in my Etsy shop.

"Don't look at my Babies"

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Saturday, March 17, 2012


"Her world was filled with envy, until one day she just disappeared"

This is my submission for the challenge at Inspiration Avenue this week which is Vintage Photography. I am also submitting it for the first Saturday Artist Play Day over at Just Add Water Silly for the challenge "Green".

This is a card and magnet that I previously made with a photo of my great grandmother when she was a very young girl.

I love vintage photography and I am especially fond of black and white photos.
Thanks Shel for hosting the challenge and for picking such a fun theme.

Friday, March 16, 2012


Today is the 16th.

For some unknown reason, that number plays a significant role in my life,(that's another post). I don’t seek it out or dramatize it, but I am always surprised and it always catches me off guard when something unique happens to me on that day and I suddenly realize it is the 16th.

So today I gave the 16th a little nod when I got up and then I forgot about it and went on with my day. I couldn’t wait for lunch to roll around so that I could use my time to find a journal for a Round Robin that I soon will be participating in. The appearance of the journal was not as important to me as the paper inside. Unless you make them yourself, it is hard to find one with the quality of paper suitable for wet media inside as well as writing and sketching. I really wanted to make one myself, ...but who am I kidding? I am barely making my challenges on time. All of that led me to a search on Etsy at lunch today for a journal that would fit the bill and save me some time.

This is what caught my eye during my search.

My heart strings were pulled like a big mouth bass caught on a 20 lb. line. ..fighting all the way to get loose and move on with my search. I did that for a while but I kept coming back to it for another nibble.

Not only was it gorgeous visually, the words were stamped upon my heart.. “Be Brave Enough to Live My Untamed Life”.

I immediately got out my calculator. How was I going to get afford this journal right now? I believe in possibilities and I was sure going to give it a good old southern “possible” try. I immediately began X-ing things off my list that I had hoped to buy for upcoming projects this weekend. All the sudden, the flowers could wait for another paycheck, the art supplies were not needed right now, and several things began falling off in order of importance. The journal however stayed at the top of the list.

There are those things in life, no matter what they may be, that you "just know" if you don’t act on them, you will forever regret it. Sometimes you don’t even know the reason. That was me with this journal. I kept going back and looking at it and bought it hook, line and sinker.

My birthday is in a week and I never care if I get a thing, I am acutely aware of my abundantly blessed life, so my answer is always “nothing” or “whatever you want to get me, I will love”…. and I always do....well, with the exception of those football tickets and a few other things hubby came up with a couple times, LOL. This journal is for me, my birthday present. I deserve it and I am worth it.
I decided there was no justification needed.

After I visually fell in love with this beautiful journal,the artist, Wendy Brightbill told me that this very journal was just published in the new 2012 Art Journaling Magazine. She said that she never parts with the journals that she makes for herself. However, this journal represented a new journey in her life and by selling it she was closing one door and walking bravely through another door.
Wendy hoped this journal would speak to the person who purchased it as well.
And that it did.

On her new adventure, Wendy is going to work with Melody Ross of Brave New Girls Club. You can read all about The Brave Girls Club, the button is on my sidebar.

I look forward to following Wendy’s new journey and seeing where it leads her.
I feel blessed to have found her journal by accident or maybe her journal found me. Regardless it came to me at a time when I really needed my well filled.

You can read more about this amazing artist and see her work by going to her blog. Her button is on my sidebar.

What else can I say?
It's the 16th!

Stay Inspired!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


"You've Got Mail" was the fun art challenge over at Inspiration Avenue last week hosted by our lovely member Jenn. For reasons not to bore you with, I was not able to get my pictures posted in time to meet the challenge deadline. However, in keeping with the mail theme, I think it is quite appropriate that my mail is late, and rain, sleet or snow did not keep me from delivering it! (I couldn't resist).

Thank you Jenn for this fun theme challenge. When I mail a package, I like for the love inside to just ooze out of the package all over the box. I love to decorate my packages, so for this theme I created some fun mailing labels. They all started with the same size 5 1/2" x 8". Most are larger due to the luggage tags sticking out top and bottom. I hope you enjoy them. I had so much fun making them, I couldn't stop. I plan to get them printed on paper labels so the backs can just be peeled off and applied to the package. Here they are, all 16 of them.

Thank you for viewing all my "Mail". If you missed the challenge at Inspiration Avenue like I did last week, then hurry on over there and check out what came in the mail. Just roll over the title of this post and you are there!
While you are there check out the challenge for this week..VINTAGE PHOTOGRAPHY..
We would love for you to join in the fun!

See you there!