Wednesday, March 21, 2012


"A doll who sat on the shelf has no memories. The fond memories are those of broken dolls, the dolls that were well loved"

The Challenge this week at Inspiration Avenue is DOLLS hosted by Hettienne. I was excited to see this theme because I have been wanting to do another music box assemblage. Not too long ago I found this vintage music box at the Good Will Store. Whenever I make donations, I like to go in and look. I always find something useful.

It wasn't much to look at and at first I thought it was a picture frame. The picture inside was a Hummel picture that was all torn and the little fence was broken and the bird was missing. Then I noticed the knob on front turned. However, after turning it, nothing happened. Nothing happened until... you pulled out the little metal knob on the side of the box and then the music played this song "Try To Remember". The sticker on the back says "ANRI" and Made in Switzerland with THORENS Movement. The entire box is all wood and can stand alone or hang on the wall. Very sturdy hanger attached. This was such a sweet find and could easily be altered. One of the great things about it is the music that comes out of it. It is very clear and distinctive with a beautiful tone and a vintage sounding music box, one of the best I have heard in a long time. I have made several other Music box dolls with music boxes so I was thrilled to hear this weeks theme.

The original vintage color was ugly olive green and red before being painted. The assemblage consists of vintage doll collage faces, an original metal skeleton key, a mini porcelain broken doll leg, a mini wooden rocking horse and a little vintage porcelain tea cup. I titled this submission "Broken Doll Memories". When I was small, the dolls I received were meant to be played with, not stored in a box or on a shelf. Their hair was cut off and brushed until it fell out, their heads would pop off, legs and arms were broken. I have some fond memories of my broken dolls because those were the ones I played with the most.

This is the knob you wind up and when you want it to play the tune "Try to Remember", you just pull out the metal knob on the side and push it back in to turn it off. I have never seen one like this before.

This is a vintage doll book tag I made to go along with this Broken Dolls Music Box Assemblage. You can find this assemblage in my Etsy shop.

"Don't look at my Babies"

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  1. Hi Kim, this is so gorgeous!! I want, I want!! I found you through detective work, lol, your link on the IA challenge Mr Linky has an error in it xx

  2. Hi Kim, you did not enter your full link, this one : All you need do is enter again and make sure that this entire link is entered in the link bar.

  3. That is such an unusual music box, and I love how you altered it. My dolls also showed much evidence of being loved!

  4. Very impressive. I have looked for doll heads at my thrift store, but they don't even have whole dolls where I shop. So I'm a bit disappointed with them. But I love what you have done. And is that rocking horse there to taunt me (grin)?

  5. Love, love, love your creation! I find it so touching, innocent and nostalgic! <3

  6. The idea of broken dolls made me feel sad UNTIL I read your post and saw your beautiful entry. I love the idea that the broken dolls were broken because they were the most played with and loved. It made me think how sad for dolls who never get played with! Enid Blyton and her toys coming alive have had a lifetime effect on my psyche :-))

    Kat XX

  7. The broken doll theme reminds me of The Velveteen know you are loved when your fur comes off :D
    You have made a real treasure Kim. Lucky you were there to rescue this rare box and make it loved again.

  8. How's the blog transfer going? your URL with heart looks great!

    Tag!You're it! Wanna play blog tag? Go to my blog and play!

  9. Oh this is Wonderful Kim!and what a great post!:) You loved your dolls just like in the book, the Velveteen Rabbit. i would paint my doll's nails and toes with my mom's nail polish. good memories :)

    And i like the looks of your blog too! :)
    Hugs & happy Birthday!! :)


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