Thursday, March 29, 2012


I have always been a doodler by nature. Doodling is a little magical. I love the way my mind takes over when my brain does not want to listen to what is being said or going on around me. That's when I tend to doodle. Sometimes I doodle out of boredom or when I am on the phone. Believe me, if you can talk and drive, you can talk and doodle. You shouldn't talk and drive, but it's perfectly safe to talk and doodle as long as you are not doing a third task like cooking. (you can guess how that turned out).
It amazes me what comes through my hand when I am not really conscious of what I am doing. Leonardo Da Vinci once said, "If the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art".

Today I doodled for Jenn in the Artist Play Room Challenge. It was weird purposely doodling with nothing else going on. My best doodles come out of nowhere, but these are for you Jenn!

A Loving Heart is the Truest Wisdom

I decided to make these two "doodling doodles" into cards just for fun. I like for everything to have a purpose.

I enjoyed this challenge. I actually "doodled" in the few minutes that I had left from lunch before returning to work and I have to say it was a nice "brain break".

Roll over the title of this post to see whats doodling over in the Artists Play Room!



  1. thanks so much for entering, I totally appreciate it. You're right about doodling, one assumes that doodling should be easy but when one THINKS then doodling can become kinda difficult because now you're monitoring yourself!
    Thanks for the great comment, you're so sweet!

  2. Alas, I am not a doodler; it's never appealed to me and I have tried -smile-. Perhaps the doodle bug will bit one day; in the meantime, I'll enjoy your doodles.

  3. I never really "learned" to doodle--can you learn that? These are both sweet--I especially like the first one.

  4. I like the flying without wings the best. Must say, when I am drawing and away from the rest of life, it is a bit like flying. Then I tend to come in to land with a thud at the sound of one word "MUUUUM".
    Gorgeous doodles.
    Von. :)

  5. Great doodles, they have a certain freedom that I really like. I'm a habitual doodler too - especially during long meetings at work ;)

    Off to check out your "Inspiration for Artist's who Journal" gallery, it sounds fab! Thanks for asking if you can use my work, and yes of course - it would be my pleasure :)

  6. Kim, I love your doodles. I am a chronic doodler too. Whenever I am on the phone or in a staff meeting you will find me doodling. Lovely ladies above. The first looks exotic and the second a musician. I see a harp.


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