Friday, March 16, 2012


Today is the 16th.

For some unknown reason, that number plays a significant role in my life,(that's another post). I don’t seek it out or dramatize it, but I am always surprised and it always catches me off guard when something unique happens to me on that day and I suddenly realize it is the 16th.

So today I gave the 16th a little nod when I got up and then I forgot about it and went on with my day. I couldn’t wait for lunch to roll around so that I could use my time to find a journal for a Round Robin that I soon will be participating in. The appearance of the journal was not as important to me as the paper inside. Unless you make them yourself, it is hard to find one with the quality of paper suitable for wet media inside as well as writing and sketching. I really wanted to make one myself, ...but who am I kidding? I am barely making my challenges on time. All of that led me to a search on Etsy at lunch today for a journal that would fit the bill and save me some time.

This is what caught my eye during my search.

My heart strings were pulled like a big mouth bass caught on a 20 lb. line. ..fighting all the way to get loose and move on with my search. I did that for a while but I kept coming back to it for another nibble.

Not only was it gorgeous visually, the words were stamped upon my heart.. “Be Brave Enough to Live My Untamed Life”.

I immediately got out my calculator. How was I going to get afford this journal right now? I believe in possibilities and I was sure going to give it a good old southern “possible” try. I immediately began X-ing things off my list that I had hoped to buy for upcoming projects this weekend. All the sudden, the flowers could wait for another paycheck, the art supplies were not needed right now, and several things began falling off in order of importance. The journal however stayed at the top of the list.

There are those things in life, no matter what they may be, that you "just know" if you don’t act on them, you will forever regret it. Sometimes you don’t even know the reason. That was me with this journal. I kept going back and looking at it and bought it hook, line and sinker.

My birthday is in a week and I never care if I get a thing, I am acutely aware of my abundantly blessed life, so my answer is always “nothing” or “whatever you want to get me, I will love”…. and I always do....well, with the exception of those football tickets and a few other things hubby came up with a couple times, LOL. This journal is for me, my birthday present. I deserve it and I am worth it.
I decided there was no justification needed.

After I visually fell in love with this beautiful journal,the artist, Wendy Brightbill told me that this very journal was just published in the new 2012 Art Journaling Magazine. She said that she never parts with the journals that she makes for herself. However, this journal represented a new journey in her life and by selling it she was closing one door and walking bravely through another door.
Wendy hoped this journal would speak to the person who purchased it as well.
And that it did.

On her new adventure, Wendy is going to work with Melody Ross of Brave New Girls Club. You can read all about The Brave Girls Club, the button is on my sidebar.

I look forward to following Wendy’s new journey and seeing where it leads her.
I feel blessed to have found her journal by accident or maybe her journal found me. Regardless it came to me at a time when I really needed my well filled.

You can read more about this amazing artist and see her work by going to her blog. Her button is on my sidebar.

What else can I say?
It's the 16th!

Stay Inspired!

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  1. i favourited this journal the other week, and then i saw it was sold... i'm so glad it went to a good home :) sometimes objects just speak to your soul, and you HAVE to respond!! hope it brings you many years of pleasure :)


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