Sunday, May 6, 2012


It's kind of funny the things that we hold on too. I had a little box of fuzzy chicks for Easter several years ago, 5 of each color. They reminded me of the old vintage Easter decorations, so for some reason I kept them. They have traveled around my house from the bookcase to the art studio and have appeared in various media photos. Today, I decided it was time to send them on a journey and this is the beginning of 5 Chics on a Road Trip for the P.S. Postcard Swap.

 I am a member of Inspiration Avenue and we are currently hosting our first Postcard Swap. It is too late to sign up for this one but if you click on the side bar badge,you will see the details of the swap. I feel pretty positive that this will be the first of many. I have made all my postcards , they are tucked inside these sturdy envelopes I made and just for fun I decided that each of the 5 postcards will be accompanied by one of my little fuzzy chics.








5 Chics and 6 postcards ready to go. The 6th postcard I decided to send to someone randomly whose day might be changed by receiving a handmade postcard in the mail.

I would love to see the little Chics continue their journey and be passed on through Postcard Love, it would be fun to see where they journey and travel, However, they may be pretty smashed by time they reach their destination. LOL.

Here is the CHICS travel itinerary and they will begin their travels today!

                                                The Netherlands 
                                                El Cajon, California
                                                N. Charleston, SC
                                                Alberton South Africa 
                                                Suffolk, England 
                                                and the 6th?

 When I receive my Postcards in the mail, I will be sharing them here!

Stay inspired and stay tuned for the next Inspiration Avenue Postcard Swap to be announced at a later date.


  1. Why did the chickie cross the country (and the ocean)? To spread cheer far and wide of course!

    Awesome and then some! These are so elegant, and the chicks add the perfect touch. Looking at the envelopes, I am just dying to see what's inside!!

  2. Oh, my gosh, how darling are those chicks!!?? I am sending you a card and feeling a bit embarrassed because my swap card is not NEAR as cute as what you are sending!! Maybe I can learn, though, for the next swap! Your ladies will LOVE your cards!

  3. OMG, Kim, will you do a swap with me sometime?? Holy COW, just the envelopes are spectacular!! I want on so bad, they're so beautiful. wow. What a great idea to make beautiful envelopes, on my list for next time!

    PS. I noticed you have your new buttons added to the end of your "member's square", if you send me a larger copy of the new etsy button I can make you a new square with yours changed and change any in IA, if you'd like.

  4. Oh Kim, these are amazingly beautiful! How i wish you were given my name for the exchange!!! I send to you, but like Nancy, i'm almost sheepish about sending one to YOU! Hearts will be all a flutter for whoever gets one of your cards!!! :D


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