Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Bookmarks! You won't find a book in my house that is not stuffed full of them!

These are some tags I made recently and they are also my submission for Jenn's challenge this week at
The Artist's Playroom!    Go check it out... who can resist a cool bookmark!


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Speaking of tags/bookmarks...Somerset Studio Magazine will be publishing my tags in their September/October Issue. ... very excited! 

Thanks for the challenge Jenn and thanks for stopping by to see some of my tags! 

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  1. ...superb Tags all so bright and cheerful & congratulations what a uber cool mag to be featured in!...Mel :)

  2. These are all só awesome!!! Lóve them! And just great they will appear in SSM :)

  3. Your tags are great and tags make good bookmarks don't they? Congrats on the upcoming magazine feature.


  4. these are truly lovely Kim. But then I ALWAYS love your work! My fave is the Dream one. :o)
    Thanks for playing in my play room this week!

  5. Love your bookmarks/tags, so bright and fun.
    Congratulations of being published.

  6. OMgosh Kim I love these! my very favorite is the yellow "Sing"! Is it for sale?????? PLEASE say yes! :)

  7. Thank you for all the encouraging comments!
    Diane, I am not sure right now. At moment it is in the hands of
    Somerset Studio. I will let you know first if I decide to sell it. :)

  8. Terrific bookmarks!! I love the {{{Sing}}} one as well.....♫ La la la la la la la♫


    p.s. I received your beautiful post card...I'm just waiting for all of them to photograph and post....awesome, thanks.

  9. Congrats on getting published, there is nothing so fun as seeing one of your creations in a magazine! You have created some lovely tag bookmarks, lucky books! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  10. Kim I al sort of glad that I didn't check out this post before I sent you a book mark because I think I would have chickened out because yours are just freakin awesome... boy are you going to be let down when the post arrives.... these are AMAZING!!!!!

  11. You are kidding me right? I so admire your work and I would be honored to have anything you made.
    I especially love bookmarks and I will be thrilled to have one of yours!

    Silly girl!

  12. I'm beyond impressed with your bookmarks. You show so much fun. I especially like that you sewed them. I am partial to the sunburst or whatever you might call it, but they are all truly wonderful.

    Before I check out the IA challenge this week (sorry I didn't play for once), I have a story to tell you that happened less than 20 minutes ago. I was working in my veggie garden when two women walked up to me and one asked if I lived "here." I said yes, and the other one handed me an envelope, a very lovely and beautifully decorated envelope. She shifted from foot to foot, but didn't speak. Finally her friend told me the tale.

    It seems she (the silent one) lives at 1738 one block east of me. She had no idea who I was and was worried when she thought the name might be something suspicious. After all, what was a Bluebeard? Seems instead of putting the envelope back in her mailbox for redelivery (she didn't know she could do that), she held onto it.

    She waited until her friend came for a visit nearly a WEEK later and asked to help her drop it off at my house. Of course, when they saw me, the one woman wasn't nervous at all, but the silent one's radar went on high alert. I have no idea why, since I was actually dressed for once, rather than in a nightgown (sometimes I wear these cool "dresses" the entire day), what I normally wear when watering my garden early in the morning.

    I thanked both of them profusely and offered them something cold to drink, since it was already getting hot and they had walked to my place. Although they declined (the silent one never said a word, but shook her head), the talkative one said I must have a real artsy friend. I agreed when I looked at the envie. And I thanked them once more as they walked out of my driveway.

    By now, I suspect you know the envelope of which I speak! Since I had no real idea that you were sending me anything, and something so lovely to boot, I had completely forgotten I had sent my mailing address. Now I am sure you must have thought I was some kind of ingrate or a person who didn't thank people when they did something awesomely awesome (how's that for redundantly redundant).

    But here I am with a great big THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful gift. You are truly too, too kind!! I cannot tell you how grateful I am enough times, especially since this THANK YOU is so very very late getting to you.

    Have a super safe and happy weekend and holiday. BTW, I was surprised to read we don't live THAT far from each other. I could have driven to your place in less time than it took to get it to me (grin).

  13. These tags are terrific! I think my favorite is the first one "Dream." Each one has its own charm. I can't wait to see your work in Somerset Magazine. Congrats again!


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