Monday, May 7, 2012


This month Inspiration Avenue hosted a POSTCARD SWAP. All postcards must be mailed out by the end of the month. We each sent to 5 different people. My postcards went out in the mail today. I had a blast making them. This was our first swap as a team and it was my first postcard swap period. I am looking forward to doing another one. If you didn't make this swap, I hope you will join us on the next one.

I thought I would share some of the postcards that I made. I stitched most all of them and I think some of my favorite ones to make were those using re-purposed cardboard inserts from our pizza boxes. I mailed 5 postcards out, a few went to a local boutique and some
went to my Etsy shop. I am already excited about making more. Who gets a handwritten letter in the mail anymore, much less a handmade postcard!  I can't wait to receive mine!

Mini postcard on front with pullout
Mini Postcard on front with pullout
Mini Postcard on front with pullout
Mini Postcard on front with pull out
Mini Postcard on front with pullout

I'll be doing a post soon on Postcards received


  1. WOW any one of these will bring immense joy and delight to whoever is blessed to receive one of your beautiful cards!! XOXO :D

  2. Wow Kim! These are just dripping with love, aren't they?
    Everything you touch becomes magically delicious :)
    Love to you my friend♥♥♥

  3. These are beautiful! What a wonderful job you've done. You've inspired me to try to make postcards, which I've never done. Nice going.

    1. Thank you Gloria! You should try, the cards are 4 x 6 and you are really just doing some art on a smaller scale. Warning... it's very addicting!! In a good way!!

      Thank you for stopping in!!

  4. LOVE <3<3 Wow you have given me some ideas!!!!

  5. I adore these Kim, every one! Love the stitching and that some are re-cycled pizza boxes, I'd never have guesed that it was possible to make something so lovely from a pizza box! I really wish I'd had time to take part, maybe next time :)

  6. LOVE these - enjoyed having a look around your blog

  7. Wow. These are fantastic. I'm new to your blog - wonderful!

  8. These are terrific! I will be mailing mine tomorrow I hope. Thanks for sharing all of these works of art. I'm inspired to do more.


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