Monday, May 28, 2012


                                                       SCHOOL IS OUT


I work at a college, so I know that when graduation is over and school is out, many lucky student's get to take that once in a life time trip before the reality of the real world sets in, called work.

I have been to PARIS many times. It is a little spot on the map called PARIS, ARKANSAS.
Not the Paris I had in mind, but it is a quaint little place and just to say it has such a nice ring to it.
I may never see PARIS, FRANCE  .. but I can DREAM it.

This is my submission for this week's challenge over at Inspiration Avenue Many thanks to  Lou Anne  who graciously hosted again this week.  Lou Anne  is a teacher and "SCHOOL is OUT", so she challenged us to get creative with this theme. 

Last week I made a vintage paint box tin assemblage for the Mermaid theme.  I was working on another vintage paint box tin at the same time and just completed it. So needless to say, I was very excited to see the theme "SCHOOL IS OUT"  because given the opportunity,  I would be on my way to PARIS. 

I hope you enjoy my submission and be sure and travel over to Inspiration Avenue to see what else is going on now that  SCHOOL IS OUT.



  1. Oh wow!! I think school is IN! Art school, that is. How wonderful, and simply perfect for the IA challenge. I am in love with the first assemblage. It is wonderful, as is the watercolor assemblage. I can't help it, I'm in love with both.

    BTW, when you said Paris, I thought you meant Texas, not Arkansas! Funny how quirky minds think!!

    1. Oh, I have been to that Paris too! Texas and Arkansas! Working my way to Paris, France one day... :)

  2. just brillant, textured, colourful a lush explossion of exciting images and text.Tootles.EE

  3. Love the colors in the paintbox. I can feel the excitement. You created a treasure there! Fun, fun, fun.

  4. Oh my. I just loved this from start to finish. We will be going to Missouri next year. I'm checking the map to locate Paris, Arkansas. I so need to see this place.

    Very nice to meet you,

  5. Oh Kim, I love this! I am taking my daughter this holiday to Paris, France and I will think of you while we are there! Do not give up dreaming!

  6. I love the direction you went with this theme! Your artwork is great.

  7. So much to look at, so inventive. What a great submission.


  8. Your imagination has already helped you travel there, with so many textures and colors! The pink is strikingly beautiful, and my favorite is the girl's face by the Eiffel tower.

    Similarly named cities, but not at all similar as places, are very funny! There's a part of Long Beach, California (not too far from where I live, or at least not Europe far, just train or driving far), called Naples-- I keep trying to save up to visit Naples, or Napoli, since that's where my family is from way back when. But so far, no Italy. I still think it's cool passing through a city of the same name, though, so I understand your words and sentiments in this post (-:

    Let's keep drawing and traveling via our imaginations, and perhaps the dreams of further trips will one day come true!


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