Monday, May 28, 2012


There are 8 of us in a round robin sharing pages of art in our journals and each month we complete 2 pages and send on the book to the next person in order. By the end of the year, we will each have a journal with pages of inspiration unique from each artist.

This is the first round robin I have been involved in and I must say it was a little intimidating to begin with... I mean writing/creating in someone's journal with the possibility of messing it up, raised the fear level a bit. But then, I started thinking about creating in my own journal and how it is not really much different. With Art Journaling, there isn't much that you can't fix or do -over.  But a do-over in someone else's journal is .. hummm ... still a little scarey.

So I started thinking of it as just working in my own journal. Although, working in my own, I am a little more grungier and a lot more messier .... so I haven't totally let go , but the fear of messing up their journals is becoming less and I am enjoying it more.

We have a month to work in each one, but I am staying true to myself and working on mine in the 11th hour. I have always seem to work better under stress and time constraints.

The two pages in this journal are for Lisa (the Wright One).  It flies in the mail tomorrow!


               WHEN YOU DON'T HAVE SISTERS OF YOUR OWN, IA SISTERS ARE SPECIAL     (this holds true to former IA sisters as well) 


                           ART SAVES .. EVERYONE IS A SURVIVOR OF SOMETHING ~*

          The robin flies tomorrow to Stephanie's!
          Have a wonderful week ladies!



    Perfectly said.
    Perfectly pretty.
    You always astound me Kim,
    with you creativity, your talent
    and of course, you unending vibrancy...
    you just fill in the world's leaky parts.
    BIGGEST ♥♥♥ to you.
    And I have a work of art by you propped on my
    shelf in the living room.
    I touch it before I go send you some love right back!
    Huggins Girlfriend!

  2. OMG, will Lisa be a happy girl when she sees this!! This spread is so awesome! Lovely colors & the girls face is so beautifully done!
    (and I love hearts & butterflies)

  3. ...beautiful pages, full of colour, loVe your hearts...fabby work...Mel :)
    Always a joy opening your blog & seeing your gorgeous Header...

  4. Wonderful, wonderful- WONDERFUL work as always- I can't wait to get it! I've actually decided to do mine "tip in " style for fear of messing anything up- either the book owner or any of the guest artists.....

  5. Oh so lovely! Lisa will adore this! I love seeing the pages as everyone finishes them...I'm going to try to post the pages I did in your journal, Kim, before I fly! Not quite like a robin, but flying just the same :) I love your art and the messages you added!

  6. stunning work, she is going to adore your pages for sure!! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  7. Kim this is gorgeous, lovely and summery and full of colour and joy! I know Lisa will love it - who wouldn't! And on a slightly selfish note, I can't wait to see what you create in mine when it gets to you :)

  8. Oh so beautiful! I love the saying : art saves ..... everyone is a survivor of something (I am going to use it somewhere!), love Hettienne

  9. These two pages are such joyous happy images! Your use of color astounds and inspires me! Beautiful.

  10. Gorgeous journal pages, Kim! I love the vibrant happy colors you always play in and I love her hair and the wonderful words. It's perfect. Lisa will love it.

    Kat's journal will be in the mail to you on June 2nd. Sorry. I got a bit lost in it and had a hard time recovering.


  11. Hi!
    I want to thank you very much for my gorgeous postcard and all the beautiful goodies!!! They are adorable.
    They made my day! Thank you again and have a wonderful and creative day!

    Nora Clemens-Gallo

  12. I very much like that last sentiment. It puts ones own life and trials in perspective. We are, indeed, all survivors of something.

  13. Gorgeous pages! I love the vibrant colours, thrilling textures, her face and the written sentiments throughout. A beautiful spread with so much fabulous detail!

    Kat X


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