Saturday, June 30, 2012


This week out of the blue, I began having some heart fluttering, irregular beats, and a small uncomfortable feeling in my back. The irregular heart beats were making me cough so I went to the doctor thinking maybe I had something going on in my lungs. I am rarely ever sick, but once I had pneumonia and when it kind of felt the same. My doctor thought it might be reflux and put me on some medicine. Of course, it didn't do it when I was there.
It really had just started and progressively had gotten worse after I left the office. We all know how that goes.

The next day it was worse, I called my gastro doctor thinking maybe I had something going on with my gallbladder like a friend suggested. Well I did the sonogram and blood test and they showed nothing. It was still getting worse and I was getting no where so out of desperation I called my mother's heart doctor. They were booked for a month but the sweetest nurse suggested I come and get a heart EKG monitor that you wear for 24 hours. I was to return it the next morning, they would down load it and read it and if it showed something serious they would call me, otherwise I was looking at a month wait.

It was a scarey day as the irregular beats just got stronger and then just non-stop. By midnight I was in the emergency room. It seems I have a condition called SVT which stands for Super Ventricular Tachycardia, which means instead of one nerve pathway to your heart, you have two pathways. When I reached the emergency room my heart rate was 255 beats per minute. I also found out that you can get this condition anytime and it is most likely brought on by stress or just having too much on your plate. My husband all the sudden developed the same look that mom's give their children. You know... that  "I told you so look"    Hummmm, the could be me, LOL

That was Friday. I am now on the weekend with medication to keep the beats slowed down and on complete rest, with (horrors) no coffee, choc, or stimulants of any kind. The no coffee is the killer.  Monday I will go to out patient to have a arterial gram done to be sure there is no blockage, and then my doctor will set me up to get rid of the extra pathway by doing what they call an ablation. My husband said he knew I had a good heart but he didn't know I had two heart beats instead of one!

I am more than Thankful. My doctor said he could not believe that it was all caught perfectly on the monitor I wore.. Most of the time it takes a long time to catch the patterns that tell the whole story and mine was told perfectly on paper the first time.

For now, I am on some R and R and it is something fixable and I know I am in good hands. It was a good reminder,that in all things, no matter what it is, there is always something to be Thankful for. When I return, I will still do what I love,....maybe not just everything all at once. LOL

To all my wonderful friends and followers thank you so much for stopping by, all prayers are always welcome and until then stay inspired!  See you soon!


Friday, June 22, 2012


                              COME JOIN ME FOR A VIRTUAL VACATION ~*

The challenge this week at Inspiration Avenue  is PARADISE LIVING ~ Going on Holiday hosted by Maggie. I would love for you to join me...

To take a virtual vacation ... 

Thank you for joining me on my virtual vacation for Inspiration Avenue this week. No vacation is complete without souvenirs.  So for the challenge this week I have a couple souvenirs that inspired me on this vacation.

                                            SHE HAS A KEY TO THE SEA
 Made from a Vintage Skeleton Key with a lampwork bead that can move up and down on the key shaft.  You can find this key in my Etsy Shop.


This is a canvas wall hanging painted with colors of the ocean with a luggage tag attached
that has real beach stones attached to the tag and a map. Just a sweet reminder of one of my trips to the beach.

                                      Vacations can be exhausting 


Take a short stroll over to  Inspiration Avenue  and see more Holiday treats!
Let's do this again!