Wednesday, June 6, 2012


COME ON IN... SIT and stay awhile.
Yellow is all the rage this month at Color Your World. Jennifer, Jen, and Stephanie are challenging us to really look at our world and SEE the colors everywhere around us. 

COLOR totally rocks my world. YELLOW is not my favorite color and not what I tend to oooh and awhhh over, but I am willing to give it a good go and focus my eye on YELLOW this month. I think like me, you will be surprised at the things you love that are YELLOW. 

When you take time to smell the roses, what do you see first? Do you see the object or the color? As an artist, I see color everywhere.


Color impacts my moods, my moments, my days, my decisions, my dreams, art,
and  the shoes I buy... can you imagine shoes without color?

COLOR inspires me, motivates me and gives me a greater appreciation of the world around me.

I can't imagine living in a world, a day, or a moment without color. 

YELLOW is everywhere.... pop over to Color My World and see what is happening with Yellow this month!

Thanks for stopping by and brightening my day!

 I love the smell of Sunshine... don't you?


  1. What a beautiful photo collage of yellow! Yellow is not typically my favorite color either but I love the cheeriness it brings.

  2. WOW - who would have thought that yellow, already bright and delicious, could be so amazing when shown in gallery form as you have!
    I so appreciate your comment on my blog and have some thoughts I wish to share, though I will do so via email:)
    Keep seeing!!

  3. Love that bicycle basket with the yellow flowers! Made my day!

  4. Is there anyone out there who doesn't like the smell of sunshine? Great yellow photos -- thanks for the smiles!

    Greetings from Germany,

  5. Wow, love all those yellows you chose. Really very nice. It's not my color either, but it does look good here.

  6. Fab photos Kim - really inspirational. Its a really interesting idea to focus on one colour and I think maybe it is even more beneficial focusing on a colour you wouldn't normally spend as much time on noticing. Its a great way of opening up the eyes to new things and being present in the moment! Great idea!

    Kat Xx

  7. I have to agree that yellow isn't the first color I think of on my favorite colors lists... but looking at all these yellow posts is changing my mind. There are so many amazing yellow things out there! You have put together a wonderful yellow collection. I love the yellow building with the purple flowers growing up the wall. That is just amazing!! Thanks so much for joining us for 'color your world' this month!

  8. I am really loving how easy it is to fall in love with a color after seeing it through another person's eyes. Your yellows just vibrate off the page. Thanks so much for sharing!


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