Monday, August 27, 2012


                                                 CHANGE IS GOOD.

ART has been GOOD to Me.

                                             GOD has been Good to Me.

The Gift of being able to create and use my imagination to create has seen me through many Seasons in my Life and opened many doors for me.

In the last 12 years of my husband being ill, Art provided therapy and a place of retreat for me to cope with all the stress that life sometimes unexpectedly brings your way.

I am grateful for all those Seasons in my Life that Art provided a comfort place for me to go and to express myself and to do something that brought me peace and satisfaction.

                      Now is another Season in my Life. A Season of Change. 

I am not sure what that change will be.
But I know that GOD will bring it to me and I know it will involve the gifts that he has blessed me with.

I recently made a Promise. A promise to go slower, to simplify my daily life, to seek more, to enjoy more, to experience more, and to make more things count for all those valuable minutes in my Life, the things  that I was missing . . . just by past habits of keeping myself so busy.  I agreed to free myself of time consuming things that didn't really show me a purpose in my life. Before, I could always see a purpose in what I was doing and why I needed it and I was grateful for it.

How do you know when it is your Season of Change?

I feel peaceful at where I am in my Life. I feel peaceful at the Promise that I made. 
I just knew that I wanted my life to have more purpose. 
I know I don't "need" the art for me anymore. I truly love and enjoy it, but I don't "need" it to complete my life. I want my Art to have purpose. I love art and I love blogging, but I need it to mean more for me to spend the time that I was spending doing it.

I want to do more.
I want my Art to mean more. 
I want to make a difference.

SO . .  I made a Promise.

A Promise is a Powerful Thing.

I will still be creating ART for my Etsy shop and I will still be blogging. For Now,  I just won't be here everyday or every week. I am waiting for God to show me my purpose, a new Season in My Life for my art, only this time for others and not for me.

I love all my friends/family/followers and I hope you will continue to drop in and see what I am up too. I will let you know when I discover what that is.

I am looking forward to a new Season.

A Season of Change.

Thank you for your friendship and your following!


 Somethings never change .... :)

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  1. Well, I think you have been inside my head. I just took a month off my blog and it was freeing. I sorted out my likes/dislikes, whys and why nots of my art. I too am starting a second chapter. It's exciting to start down a new path. I can't wait to see where He leads you.

    1. Thank you Cathy and Many blessings to you on your new path as well. Lets keep in touch!!

  2. dearest Kim, i felt heart broken when you told us in IA that you were leaving us. In this short time i've known you, you have really become like a sister to me.

    Yet reading WHY you are making these changes, i can't help but be totally behind you. How exciting to wait and see how God wants you to use your gifts for others! And we know that when you are following His will, everything will be part of His divine purpose. You have already blessed me and everyone in IA, and i know you will be blessing many many more!
    Love and Blessings dear Kim!! XO

    1. Thank you Diane, your comment touched me so much, I have no words to express it. I love you guys and thank you for your support and your continued encouragement!

      HUGS and Blessing back to you, my kindred spirit and sister!!!

  3. Hi Kim. What a wonderful post. Very intense. I read it twice and looked at your work and listened to what you had to say. A new season is coming and how fitting that it will bring change. Thank you for your post.

    1. Gloria, "Thank you" for stopping by and your kind comments.
      I hope you will come again and visit. I would love to visit your blog as well.

      Blessings to you!

  4. Oh mercy...know what you mean about change. My biggest change happened when Dave died last November. Every since, it's been a season of change and acclimation but God has been faithful through it all.

    1. I remember reading your blog and your journey as your husband was ill. I remember thinking what a source of strength you were for me. We never know what we are capable of on our own. Thank goodness we don't have to go through things on our own. If God brings it to us, I have complete faith he will see us through it.

      I look forward to having time to visit your blog again and seeing what God has prepared for you.

      SO Happy to see that you stopped by!


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