Saturday, August 4, 2012


Round Robin Spoiler Alert for Angie!  On it's way to Stephanie on Monday.

I was happy to have this journal to finish up during my recovery time at home. It helped to take my mind off having to use a contraption to sleep with the rest of my life. Although I am grateful there is such a thing as the C-Pap machine, it was so intimidating to me as the girl at the Home Health Office went through each detail with me from the machine to the mask. It didn't sound too bad until I got home and realized that I probably missed most of what she was telling me because I just couldn't wrap my mind around it all.

I like holding my husband's hand at night and having conversations before we drift off to sleep. Now I will be hooked to this machine. It is not like me to be so negative about it, I am always good about change. I guess this just wasn't my idea.

So rather than call and admit that I didn't listen or retain it all, like most women do, I got out the instructions and began to read. Then, it became more overwhelming as to all the things you have to do daily and weekly in preparation to use it each night. It was all very daunting and I was thinking to myself that I am suppose to be taking stress off my plate, not adding to it.

I go to the sleep management place tonight so they can calibrate the machine for me and I am trying to get the right attitude about it all and just take it day by day as something I am going to have to do when I sleep and to feel better. The good thing is that most everyone I hear about that have them, actually love them, so I am hoping that feeling will embrace me as well.

My doctor said to "relax" and do something you love. That I don't have a problem with. I am blessed with a wonderful family and I have loved being involved in this Round Robin Journey with such amazing artists and friends.  I love what the pages reflect, each  individual, their imagination and creativity and the love they have for what they do.

I can't wait for the next one!


P.S.  The Yellow Sunny button at the top of my blog is worth grabbing. Although it is a brand new blog, I know these two beautiful crafty ladies personally and they are not new to arts, entertainment and creative possibilities.  Jenny is my daughter and Daspri is her sister inlaw (and a daughter I would adopt if her mother would let me). Both are mulit-talented amazing women and will have a lot to share with you. Check it out.,  just click the button and then be sure to grab it!

Each month I will feature a new blog button that I think is worthy of  some awesome attention!


  1. My prayers, thoughts, good wishes and all things groovy coming your way.

  2. Wow, so much is going on in Stephs journal pages. I love all of the cheery elements you always include. That Ralph Waldo Emerson quote is a personal favorite of mine.I painted it on a star plaque once and had it hanging in my art room. Somehow in the midst of all of my moves it has disappeared.

    I know you will embrace this new change with the cpap when you start feeling better. My BIL has one.

    I can't wait to go see what your daughter and her SIL's blog is all about. Thanks for sharing the link.


  3. Hey there
    I have heard the same thing once you gt used to it you will LOVE IT. The thought of loving that thing over your head has to be hard to wrap your brain around butt the restul night you will have and the energy it will give you I have heard is amazing. Keep me posted!

  4. Wow, so much that you have been going through! But it looks like things are looking up now. I'm sending sunshine your way in hopes of your transitions (not the best word- but the only one I could think of here ;)) with the machine are as easy as possible and working their promised magic ASAP.
    I can't wait to see the pages in Angie's book- they are gorgeous here, and I know they'll be even better in real life!
    Hugs and love,


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