Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Have you ever wondered where Fairies live?   Well, just step inside and join me for the challenge at Inspiration Avenue this week hosted by Lou Anne. The challenge is "Fairies".

This week in my search for Fairies, I spotted a few places that I am quite sure Fairies must live.

And here by the clear running water....

 When looking for Fairies, you must look closely, especially after a rain, early in the morning and when the sun is about to set.

Sometimes Fairies can be found sleeping inside the petals of beautiful flowers..

I have heard it told that they are very fond of Blueberries, . . .

And the scent of Lavender.

 Birds are the "watchers" for Fairies and alert them of any type of danger, they are loyal and trusted friends.

If you have ever wondered where Fairies live and you see a dragonfly, you can almost be assured that a Fairy is nearby.


This is my submission for the challenge this week on Fairies.  A handmade  collage 4 1/2" x 6" Art Journal with all blank pages suitable for artwork or journal writing.

I am also including tags with this journal and it can be found for sale once I get it listed in my Etsy shop. I used Jelly Roll pins with glitter but the photo doesn't show all the glitz.

This is the back side of the journal.

Added tags

Thank you for stopping by, be sure to check out the wonderful world of Fairies at Inspiration Avenue this week, and if you look hard, you might see one on your way!



  1. Oh Kim, I love your imaginative posts! I so want to go through those magical doorways to look for fairies. Thank you for participating in this week's challenge. Your fairy art journal is wonderful! Someone's sure to snap it up.

  2. This is an awesome journal cover. I love the textures and the colors. Beautiful, and I love your photo journey about where to find fairies!

  3. Hi Kim. Love you sweet doors leading to magical kingdoms. Your blue bird (of happiness) made my heart sing.

  4. I've came across your blog through Inspiration Avenue and I have to say I love what I'm seeing! Great job on the blog, I'm your newest follower. :)

    Kisses from Egypt all the way to you! ♥

    Roudi @ c-is-for-craft.blogspot.com

  5. This will be fun...to see what everyone comes up with.

  6. wow Kim, what a gorgeous post. I can hardly wait to see what you are going to do for the Fairies Tea!!!

  7. Your journal is beautiful!! I found your blog while looking at participants of the Fairy Tea. I look forward to visiting often!


  8. Sooooooooooo pretty, I love what you did! waving hi from the sandy beaches of Florida ;0

  9. You make me want to believe. ;)

  10. Oh what a LOVELY post!!!! :) I have often wondered where fairies live...hmmm - I adore blueberries and lavender. :) Wonder if I have fae in me. :) Thanks for such a wonderful trip to fairyland!

  11. Beautiful, elegant and charming! LOVE your post!
    XOXO :)

  12. Fairies live at the bottom of the garden. Magical post my friend.

  13. I love your post! Such an adorable collection of images and your sketch book - It is just delicious. Thank you for the whimsy trip you took me on! x

  14. Your journal is amazing! I love the sweet little fairy, and the tags. Is that the back with the beautiful floral pattern? Awesome!

    (Also love the fairy door photos. I'm a sucker for fairy doors :)

  15. Always love a good post on faeries...this was one...:) Love the faerie doors <3

  16. I like the third pic near the flowing water.It is amazing. I also want to see the fairy house


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