Sunday, September 9, 2012


Never Pass a Door that Beckons You without walking through it . . . . .

Nothing is more intriguing to me than a Door with character or personality.  Colorful doors, doors with peeling paint, doors that are old and have stories to tell. 

Behind every door is a story, a journey, an adventure, an opportunity awaiting you.  I always find myself looking at doors. Here are some doors that I would love to explore, so I Pinned them on my board on Pinterest.

KNOCK on this door, and Enter on September 23rd for some fun, friendship, and prizes to win at the FAIRIES TEA!

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  1. Like you, I have a doors folder on pinterest. Love doors for all the same reasons. The Alice door is awesome.

  2. Such colorful and intriguing doors!! wow! :)

  3. Gorgeous door photos! I have a real thing for doors as well, lol. I'm always stopping to take pictures of the cool doors I wander past. People think I'm nuts and always ask what I'm photographing :-)

  4. I love interesting doors too. I especially love that collage of all those doors!



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