Friday, September 14, 2012


This is a new International Art Magazine. I ordered the first issue, I was pleasantly surprised. The magazine was chalked full of interesting articles and lots of amazing art.

 I have been anxiously waiting for ISSUE #2 to come out and now it is here!

In FEATURING issue #2:
- In the spotlight – Star Witness – Zentangle – Coming Home – Featured Blogger – Chute De Strings – Into the Studio – A Teenager with a Camera – Very Important Project – There Will be Days Like This – The Twitter Key Project – Khama Ghani! – The Journey We Needed To Take – Stone Folk – Theme Gallery – Mapping it Out – View of the World – A Picture’s Worth… for a brief summary of the articles in issue 2 [Read More...]

The back side of ISSUE #2 is covered with different Artists "inchies". I am thrilled to say that 6 of them are mine! This magazine has a lot going on inside. They are also doing a GIVEAWAY ~ purchase your pre-order copy by September 21st to be eligible to win.

You still have the option to get ISSUE #1 for a limited time as well. I could go and on about this magazine, but I am just going to send you to my friend "Jenn's blog'" Just add water, Silly. I know it's lazy, but she did such a great writeup and layout about it. She writes for this magazine as a contributing editor and if you have been to her website, then you already know what a fabulous writer she is as well as the most amazing artist.   You will find all the details about this magazine on her site . . . inside and out, PLUS MORE! 

She is in the know, so GO and check it out and get yours pre-ordered. I did and I can't wait to get mine.


                                      CLICK HERE for all the info on this magazine

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  1. thank you for your kind and insightful comment on my blog. You helped life my spirits! Looking forward to FEATURE!

  2. This reminds me I need to add my plug for this magazine too, for Jenn. Like your collection of dragonfly images - thanks for the visit.


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