Wednesday, October 10, 2012


The fat bird is about to land......  These are the two last journals in the round robin that I had the opportunity to work in and it's sad to see them go. I have really enjoyed creating in all these amazing women's journals.   This beautiful journal is Maggie's and it still has a stop to go before she receives it.

One of the theme challenges at Inspiration Avenue was Celebrating Friendships. I thought that would be perfect for the journal and I was hoping to have it completed in time for the challenge but I didn't make the deadline. None the less, this round robin for me has been about Celebrating Friendships and I loved being a part of it.


               Thank you Maggie for letting me play in your book!

 This is Stephanie's Amazing Journal and it is full of beauty and complete and on it is already in flight on it's way back to her.

 These are two pages at the very end of Stephs journal that she created for all of us to sign and to write what "Inspires Us". For me, that wasn't hard, it was.. well, all of you!!


Thank you Stephanie for letting me have the freedom and the fun to create in your journal. This has been an awesome journey of 8 friends, that is really not ending..... I  like to think it's just the beginning!

Hugs to both!


  1. These pages are amazing. So inspiring.

  2. Oh Kim, this is so amazing!! I could just gaze at these pages all day, and to think that one of these books is mine ~ well I'm itching to get my hands on it! I always love your beautiful art and these pages are no exception. Gorgeousness! (But I'll be patient while Steph does HER magic :) This has been so much fun and so inspiring, and I'm so happy everyone is game to do it again!


    ps the pink frame ~ LOVE ♥♥♥

  3. So fun and such vibrant colors! I love the dancing lady in Maggies book and the sweet layers of goodness in Stephs. I know they will love them! I have just received your journal from Lisa W. It is so beautiful! So full of life and color and I love the paper beads you made. The patterns and textures are wonderful! I so want to do this again.


  4. Sorry Kim for being so late in getting here...and then so distracted by you other priti posts.

    I crown you the Queen of Happy Art!

    And so art spills out from all over...not content to be on one page.
    I love you Kim!

  5. Kim your pages are oh so beautiful and full of life and joyfulness. The colours just sing, as your colours always do! But I also love the neutral scheme you've used, and how it's more subtle in colour yet the textures add interest (and I do love hearts!)
    PS that pink frame is rather fab too! x


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