Wednesday, November 7, 2012


         The Challenge at Inspiration Avenue this week is all about   "Counting Your Blessings" and What Blesses You!
The first thing that comes to my mind is LOVE, it is woven like a golden thread in all that Blesses me.

                                                               LOVE BLESSES ME

                           (These are handmade collage postcards made by me)

                                              THE BLESSING OF FAMILY & FRIENDS

I think most of the time we would all AGREE that  Family is a Blessing. Friends however,   are the part of my family that I get to choose. Sometimes they are chosen for me and come into my life like angels who fly in from nowhere in time of need.
I believe they come in and out of our lives at devinely appointed times.

Friends never disappear, you may not see them all the time, but you know that are always there.
They are the ones that you can call at 2:00 a.m. for anything.
They always forgive you because they love you the way you are and they know your heart.
Friends cry with you and laugh with you and no matter how full their world is, they always reserve a space for you.
Friends and Family give the Best-est  Hugs, even if they are virtual ones!
Blessings for me come in Showers,    and     Sunshine     and Storms, ...
and they always come as Friends and Family ~*

                                        (One of my LOVE Book Tags)

  A beautiful handmade Prayer Box I just purchased from My Friend Lisa Priti's Etsy Shop

                                        "IF YOU LOVE LIFE, IT WILL LOVE YOU RIGHT BACK"

          Be sure to check out all my beautiful  FRIENDS over at Inspiration Avenue  and see what Blesses them"

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There is no one else like you.
You have gifts that only you
can give the world.
You have blessings others can only receive through you.
You are special, you are loved,
you are you-
and the world is blessed to have you in it


  1. Well said...especially about the friends...there are some that are just there at the drop of a hat...Love the Frieda prayer box....


  2. What lovely, juicy pieces of art here! I love your textured collage cards and tags and the beautiful sentiments behind each one! ♥

  3. Your collage postcards are absolutely stunning and I'm totally in love with these tags!! The colors are amazing!


  4. As Always, when I finally get here, I have a hard time many pretty things to see, so may inspiring's like a church for the artistic soul.
    I am super relieved you like the box...the pictures always look different than the real life box and I was a little nervous about the WHEW!
    You did me a great honor by including my box among your beautiful artwork on your happy blog, Kim, so THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!!

  5. Kim, I love the art work you shared! It's all wonderful. Your love tags with the birds are my favorites! Beautiful, vivid colors.

  6. A beautiful and inspirational post + I love the art you have created!

  7. hi Kim! Your posts are always such a treat for the eyes while touching our hearts! Love this post and LOVE your beautiful postcards!! Oh forgot to say thank you for the little goodies you included with my order, i am having fun playing around with them!
    Hugs!! :)

  8. Love your tags.. so rich and decorative! In fact, a lovely collection of work. Nice words too:)

  9. What a wonderful post about Love. Yes, love is one of the greatest gifts of all. Your post cards are so special, and I adore Mother Mary. Happy Thanksgiving, and I'm thankful I found you.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  10. Hi Kim,
    I love your creations, textures and colours. I am in a new world with blogging and Inspiration Avenue and I am really enjoying myself. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    Love, Peace, and Light, I pray to remain in our hearts, always.
    xoxo Kim xoxo


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