Saturday, February 9, 2013


Have you ever been on such an amazing trip that you couldn't wait to do it all over again? Here I am in 2013 preparing for the Magical Journal Journeys tour again to begin March 1st. As we shared our Art Journals from last year, we ended it all with a fabulous giveaway in hopes that we inspired the winner(s) to start their own Art Journal group or begin their own journey into the Art Journal world. We had two equally interested winners and we hope to peek more into their world this year as well.

If you are interested in starting your own Art Journal Group or perhaps joining one, you might find it helpful to read this post, full of good tips on how to begin, written by our own inspiring leader, Lisa.

For our new Journey this year, the rules again are simple; no themes required, unless you would like your journal to have one and the only requirement besides having fun is color. Each person has chosen a color or color combinations as the dominant color(s) to be used in their own journals by each individual artist. The other rules remain the same and you can see those in Lisa's post here.

 Right now, we are all busy working on our journals preparing them to be mailed off to the first person who works in them by March 1st.

My  First Journal Attempt for this round 

I have actually just completed my second journal for this round. The first one, I rushed and hurried through it, mostly because I tend to do things last minute and then pull late night-ers or more. It's pretty, it's all the right colors, but when the journal was completed, the inspiration was gone. SQUASHED.
I didn't pour myself into like I did when I started over with my second one. This time, I slowed down, I thought about the things I love and I just let the book inspire me from beginning to end. The second one is definitely me.


I love old things, imperfect things, things weathered and loved. That's why I decided to use this old leather book jacket to cover my journal. I felt it represented me well;
getting older, obvious signs of wear and tear and well loved... still protecting things valued inside. When you incorporate things you love when making your journal, inspiration grows.

My next trip was for some material for my cover. I didn't know what it was called, but I knew where I could find it. Hancocks. Hancocks is a candy store for  me in a foreign country. After several failed attempts of a store clerk trying to help me, I finally found the yummy fabric I was looking for. During the conversation at the cutting counter, the store clerk said to me, "you don't sew do you?" I confessed and told her I was using it for art. She asked me to describe with I was doing with it and I was happy to do that since she seem interested and that was something that I could talk about. Then it became clearly obvious that we were two ships passing in the night speaking different languages. She smiled and gave me a 1/2 yard more that was left on the bolt for free and I left happy with a coupon.

Gesso, Red paint, and my gauzy gray material layered over the leather cover.....and  two covers in one, why not? 

This journal makes me happy because each time I look at it, not only does it reflect the hours of work that I put into it, the experimentation and lack of knowledge about what I was doing, but it shows possibilities! That is what Art Journals are about, the possibilities that abound from your heart and soul, things that inspire and move you and sharing those things in a Art Journal that is a part of you. Most of all, it is your book. A Happiness book, a collaboration of friends, a book of Magical Journal Journey's.

I hope you will be inspired to follow the blog of each artist below and see where our journeys take us each month as we share our journals and pages with you. 

The Magical Journal Journeys


For 2013, you will find me RED, PINK and ORANGE, and ..... "BEING ME".